Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Tormenting the Globalist Goats.

The Globalist really are being challenged and pushed back. I was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations for a decade, using the opportunity to learn to "know my enemy." I actually functioned as a mole for the John Birch Society, though I was not a member of the JBS, but was friends with its President, Congressman Larry McDonald, who I view as a martyr to the cause of anti Marxist-Globalism.

In 40 plus years, this is the FIRST time I have seen a high ranking WONK from the CFR, challenged, humiliated and defeated on National T.V.

I'm not endorsing Tucker Carlson since I have seen him play the neo-con too many times. So even this "argument" that seems real, is likely Kabuki theatre, as the Globalists try to regroup. But here he is challenging not just any Neo-Con Globalist, but probably the most vaunted voice of the CFR, the man they hold up as the genius of geniuses, Dr. Max Boot.

For the record, Max Boot is a Soviet Jew, his parents CIA, (he a CIA Deep State Groomed Person) they escaped the Old Soviet Union when Max was young, and his view of Russia is frozen in hate, and now simply Luciferian. He, like Dr. Ralph Peters, cannot separate the Old Atheist Communist Soviet Union from Modern Christian Russia. Since the fall of Communism, the Russian people have experienced a major Christian Revival unlike anything witnessed in history. Tens of millions of Baptism/Conversions, thousands of new churches and monasteries. There is no place or period in History that compares. Satan HATES this.

Satan HATES especially how this revival in Russia has influenced America's Christians and Donald Trump.

My buddy Trog of Liberty's Thunder fame, likes to think that all conflicts are "economic." Yet, in his gut, he knows that there is a spiritual war raging of which, the things of this worlds are mere facets. Yes, the conflict is Economic, Social, Cultural, Racial, of the pressures of migration of peoples, and conquests of tyrants, governed by competition for natural resources, by trade routes, of the conflicts of ideology, of the competition of philosophies and religions and of the ambitions of empires. And all that said, those are merely the symptoms of the perennial struggle between what is life engendering and what is death engendering, what is TRUE and what is FALSE, what is of GOD and what is of Lucifer.

The Council on Foreign Relations PLANNED to conquer Russia, and it is not Putin that has pushed these Luciferians back, it is the Revival of Christianity in Russia, the Revival of Christian identity. This revival made Vladimir Putin speak rationally, reasonably and with sanity, when the West was/is spiraling into insanity. 
Vladimir Putin about the Cultural Self-Preservation of Western Civilization.




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