Saturday, July 15, 2017

The People Cry Out, strangled by BOTH Marxism and Capitalism

One of the forgotten weeps and pleas for help, crushed by Globalist Crony Capitalism and Marxism.

This is the result of two forces, Marxism and Crony Capitalism. It is not a left vs right problem, it is a Globalism/Marxism/Crony Capitalism vs Nationalist Free Enterprise problem. We have Globalism (much less following Trump's first six months of SMASHING it back). We have Cultural Marxism and actual Marxism ensconced in our Federal Bureaucracy and nearly every institution of Education and NGO institutions. Our economy (True Free Enterprise) is STRANGLED by Globalist Crony Monopoly Capitalism. We are not the "forgotten people" as Trump coined it, but the "disregarded and discarded people" people who tried to pursue Free Enterprise in a system destroyed by both Marxism and Capitalism.

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