Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Russia Collusion Psyopt - The Ukrainian/CIA Collusion FACTS

This video is a must see from start to finish. With all our recent victories we still face an enemy that owns the largest most powerful psyops apparatus ever assembled in human history. It drones on 24/7 telling the same lies over and over, across its 500 T.V. Channels and multiple newspapers, radio stations and websites. It is beyond "spinning of real event," and has moved to inventing the "news" out of thin air.  As Lee Stranahan points out, "it is constant repetition" I would say more clearly, "constant repetition of lies" . . .  "and omission; that is important stories and facts they will not cover."  

This video is about multiple attempts to keep Trump from being elected, once elected attempts to keep him from taking office, actual and real subversion at the highest levels of our government, and once he took office, the present attempts to destroy him and the American First Truth and Liberty Movement.  In the information war, except for Trump's Twitter account, we are a few websites against this massive Globalist psyops machine. Trump said when speaking of the evil Globalists, "Their media resources are absolutely unmatched." Trust me when I tell you that was a gross understatement.



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