Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Praise or Opprobrium? John McCain Diagnosis with Terminal Cancer

We are all dying, some of us sooner than others; should the certainty of the closeness of someone's repose caused by the diagnosis of a terminal illness, alter the understanding of who they are?

I wonder what real significance John McCain finds in his Utopian New World Order scheming that created Christian Genocide in Libya, Egypt, Syria, and Iraq at this moment in his life when he is facing judgment?

I wonder how precious his wife's billions of dollars are, and how valuable every lying psyop word he uttered against the Christians of Russia, Kosovo and Syria seem to him now.

Despite his life of lies, trading on a false narrative of his POW years, and decades of the illusion of his self-importance, despite every Godlike delusion of power he entertained as he cooperated with George Soros and destroyed nations and sacrificed the innocent with delusional "moral superiority" he is about to face the fate of the hundreds of thousands of human beings he put in the ground. The worms will have no more respect for him than they did the babies he slaughtered, or the piles of torn and rotting corpses he created, or the beheaded bodies sacrificed to his Luciferian Jihad.

Those people who merely wish this man, "Godspeed" do his victims a HUGE disservice. To the crowd of politicians sending John McCain your prayers, and praising him as "An American Hero" I say that you know the strange psychology of that Hitler's sycophants experienced in the bunker just before Hitler blew his brains out. Enjoy the bunker.

May John McCain rest in the Torment of God's Divine Light, and experience what mercy God has for him. But to praise this mass murderer, you all ought to be ashamed.

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