Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Donald Trump Chooses to End the Syrian Civil War

A BIG F.U. to:
Hillary Clinton,
Barrack Obama,
John McCain,
Lindsey Graham,
Tom Cotton
Bill Kristol,
Dr Charles Strangehammer,
Robert Kagan,
Richard Cohen,
Joe Klein,
Andrew Sullivan,
Michael Gerson,
Jona Goldberg,
Glenn Beck,
David Boaz,
Brent Bozell,
Mona Charen,
Megyn Kelly,
Ben Comenech
Steven F Hayward
Steve Hayes
Mark Helprin
Yuval Levin
Dana Loesch
Andrew McCarthy
David McIntosh
Michael Medved
Edwin Meese III
Russell Moore
Michael Mukasey
Katie Pavlich
John Podhoretz
R.R. Reno
Thomas Sowell
Cal Thomas,

*My apologies to the many NeoCon Globalist Cultural Marxist PIGS I left off the list, these were off the top of my head. FUCK YOU ALL, despite creating Christian Genocide in Syria, YOU LOST.

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