Monday, July 24, 2017

The Great Evangelical Debacle Exposed

E. W. Kenyon, a Baptist minister and adherent of the Higher Life movement, is credited with introducing mind-power teachings into early Pentecostalism. In the 1890s, Kenyon attended Emerson College of Oratory (Christian Science) where he was exposed to the New Thought movement. Kenyon later became connected with well-known Pentecostal leaders and wrote about supernatural revelation and positive declarations. His writing influenced leaders of the nascent prosperity movement during the post-war American healing revival. Kenyon and later leaders in the prosperity movement have denied that he was influenced by the New Thought movement.

So many people I know have been destroyed in this Heresy, so much so that watching this documentary was heart rending to me personally. In the 1960s, I took a correspondence course written by Dr. Kenyon and I can affirm that I was both positively and negatively influence by it.

The culmination of the evil of this movement was witnessed to me in a rather graphic fashion when shortly after Rev. Eddy Long's homosexual apostasy hit the national news, I witnessed a dear friend and mentor, the President Emeritus of the Bible College I attended in the 60s, sitting on the platform with Long, visually bowing to his wealth and affirming his theology. THIS is the reality of Protestant Evangelicalism. It is not a pretty story.

I don't know who Keith Thompson is who produced this documentary but I want to thank him, since he put graphically before me, the reality of an evil that I have battled in the persons of my siblings and extended family, and in my own experience of the Christian Faith, all my life adult life. Keith's presentation is "almost" Orthodox, very close to Ancient Christian understanding. 

That Kenyon correspondence course in the 60s gave me insight (know my enemy) and caused me to reject the "pentecostalism" of my youth. I invite any and all who are into the T.V. Evangelists, like Kenneth Copeland, TBN, Paula White, Kenneth Hagin, Joel Osteen, Rick Warren, Paul & Jan Crouch, Kenneth/Gloria Copeland, Morris Cerullo and host of others, to take the time to watch this video. These "beloved Evangelical" are in the service of Satan.


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