Sunday, July 9, 2017

Trump: The Human Trojan Horse in a Post-Human System

Vladimir Putin spoke of T.V. Trump vs the real person, President Trump, he said, “As I see it, Television Trump is very different from the real person,” Putin said at a press conference at the end of the G20 meetings, continuing, “He is absolutely concrete, absolutely adequately perceives the interlocutor, quite quickly analyzes, answers questions or draws from the discussions some new elements."

I submit to you that T.V. Playboy Trump, the image cultivated for three decades was a Human Trojan Horse inside a Post-Human, Luciferian, Cultural Marxist System, where all success was governed by your ability to bow to "the agenda."

I wrote almost six years ago:
"What is more pernicious is that in every area of business, education, and culture, those who conform are rewarded, those who resist are ignored. If resisters gain any popularity while being ignored then they are actively suppressed, and still, if this does not work they are attacked, exposed to character assassination (private sins exposed) and/or a false narrative is constructed to supplant the truth."

In the last two years, we have seen the Luciferian psyops machine go through these stages with Trump, firstly attacking everything about him, every word he uttered, dredging up the sins and failing of his life, and when that didn't work they started writing "false

"We have seen this suppression happen on the political level with Ross Perot, Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich and a host of others. We have seen the promotion of those following the agenda in the promotion of George Bush as "Patriot" as he was taking the final steps to dismantle the Republic and in the two Obama Campaigns, devoid of substance and history of even the candidate himself. And also in the last Republican Primary and election where all words were removed from meaning, all facts of history ignored as meaningless.

"So at this point anyone with a 'national platform' especially some of the people who pretend to tell this story are, most likely, provocateurs, and disinformation agents, herders as it were, dividing the herd and moving their opinions and actions as needed. Four of the five people I have just named are not truthful voices, rather professional deception agents.

"One sees this disinformation campaign in the mass confusion of conspiracy theories in pop-culture. The competing stories are mere disinformation, offered so that when the truth is told and even well documented, it will be immediately rejected as 'conspiracy theory.' For those who have retained sanity, there is a PUBLIC RECORD that still may be viewed and understood. But the reading of the record requires sanity, because the history and political science publishing industry are, for the most part, part of the agenda machine. If you think this isn't real, that in the last 40 years education has not turned militant, anti-American, post-human secularist and anti-liberty and that it cannot be documented in public record, think again. Ms Charlotte Iserbyt documented it, but it requires READING and CONFIRMING by research, and this self-satisfied and lazy population, for the most part, is not up to the task."

I was up to the task, I am blessed to have a number of friends who were up to the task, but what is most important to realize is that the T.V. Personality, the "You're Fired Guy" the superficial beauty pageant fellow, while playing these roles to the "T" was up to the task, and rather acted as a Trojan Horse, infiltrating the carefully protected "public arena" readying to take DOWN the Luciferian, Cultural Marxists who were in complete control. All that time Trump was "reading the PUBLIC RECORD" and learning. The horse is unmasked now, and today, even the psyops press is having to report what they do not want to report, with phrases like, "Trump leaves the G20 as an 'International Disrupter.'" No joke. The Globalist world was shaken to the core when Trump stated, "We will no longer bow to the false song of Globalism" and when, on his first day in office he KILLED 50 years of the Trilateral Commission's Globalist work by backing out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement. That was just the first day; week after week has produced more assaults on the Luciferian Globalist System, (not to mention the arrests of nearly 40 thousand pedophiles world wide, more than 20 thousand of those in the U.S., and including the Pope's right hand man) and the Globalists seem limited to "character attacks" and "False Narrative" after "False Narrative."

A friend reminded me besides the over the top personal attacks, (which included the size of his penis, his orange and funny hair, etc., etc.) the first Fake Narrative was that his candidacy was a publicity stunt; the second was he was friends with and was a puppet of Hillary Clinton, his candidacy was to insure HER win; the third was he was friends with and was the puppet of Vladimir Putin, that he was being blackmailed by Putin because of some Russian Dossier, which proved to be and was exposed as TOTAL FABRICATION; the forth was he was mentally unstable and so on and so on, on an endless loop. All the while Trump the Human Trojan Horse inside a Post-Human Luciferian System, is not just disrupting, but vaporizing their greatest enslaving tools, the TPP, the Paris Climate Accords, the North American Union, Open Borders, Politically Correct Speech Slavery, the Great Edifice of Classical American Journalism exposed for the Deep State controlled FAKE, FRAUDULENT system of brainwashing it is . . . the list of masks having been removed from the INHUMAN SYSTEM are encyclopedic. The last was the G20 left shell shocked.   

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