Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Christopher A Wray - FBI Nominee

THINK! In a nation of laws and not of men, which is the way our legal system was designed to work and has not worked because people like James Comey became the servants of men, politically powerful men and women, and not the servant of the Law, the Constitution, and the American People. Comey, in fact, right along with Hillary Clinton, Obama, the Psyops Press/Media became an enemy of the American people.

Despite the caterwauling from people who are offended that Trump's FBI nominee said that as FBI Director he would be the servant of the Law and the American People and not the servant of the President, or any political structure, his statement is correct. Would that he keeps his word and enforces the law without regard to persons, personalities, or political power structures; enforces the law "straight" as he promised and according to the Constitution. Were that to happen, it would be a huge blessing for this country.

We have lost that foundational goal of American Jurisprudence, destroyed by politicizing law enforcement, turning my opening sentence on its head and making law enforcement NOT about LAW, but all about people, creating one set of laws for people like you and me, and another set of laws for people like Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and a host of other Globalist and Cultural Marxists.

You say you want to see the Republic Restored, then you trash a man who promises to honor "rule of law" over "cronies."

I don't know Wray, he could be one more Trojan horse, just another Neo-Con hiding behind CONSTITUTIONAL rhetoric. Whether he is for real or a Fake, you can't trash him for stating Constitutional Principles. What is his record? That is the ONLY thing that matters; who has he till now proved to be?
Are you smart enough to realize that the Mayor of a town is not the Commander and Chief of his Police Department's Police Chief, even though that police chief works for the CITY at the pleasure of the Mayor or Mayor and City Council? That police chief's first responsibility is to THE LAW. And were it proper, he should be willing to charge even the Mayor with a felony, were FACTS to warrant it.

The same relationship applies to the head of the state police and the governor. Only the County Sherrif has more power than that, answering only to the people and the governor of his state (in most instances.)

Just as the city mayor is not the Commander and Chief of the Police Chief, even though the Chief serves at the Mayor's pleasure, the President is not the Commander and Chief of the FBI Director, even though he served at the pleasure of the president. The FBI Director's FIRST responsibility, ONLY responsibility is to THE LAW. I keep hearing this term, "The FBI Director works for the President." NO, HE DOES NOT. Comey worked for his political cronies, that is glaringly obvious. Let us hope this director works for the American People enforcing in a fair way, the RULE OF LAW. Why? Because we are supposed to be a nation of laws and not of men.



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