Thursday, July 6, 2017

Second Warning: Pay Attention to Kamala Harris

This is my second warning - pay attention. Kamala Harris, the Junior Senator is the next "totally Deep State Invented Puppet" which they always introduce as "The Rising Star." That is how they introduced Rubio, Obama, and a few others. They first used the term for her about three months ago. (that I noticed) Today, the NYTimes called this radical rabid leftist Slug, "the latest iteration of a bipartisan archetype: The Great Freshman HOPE." 

If that doesn't throw a caution down your spine, maybe you have forgotten the last empty suit they offered us, who was "the Great Freshman HOPE and Rising Star."

Wow! If you are wondering who they will run against Trump in 2020, look no further. It would take an act of God for her NOT to be on the ticket as the "new face" of the Democrat Party. (She could implode - but I doubt it.)

This is how the Deep State foists their unknown puppets upon the political stage, and this woman is SERIOUSLY evil. I watched her grill Jeff Sessions and every question was couched in a lie, and every lie was as arrogant as her representation of it, and it was DEMONIC at its core. 

Sessions humiliated her; that is what happened in REALITY, but in the FRAUD media, it was reported that she had "shaken" and "rattled" Sessions. What happened is that he recognized the lying spirit and responded accordingly. HE shut her down. However, if you had not actually witnessed the exchange, you would never know, and even though you don't trust the media, you KEEP accepting their narrative, you believe that around their lies, they manage to report some "straight news" like that Kamala Harris "rattled" Jeff Sessions.

When are you going to come to realize that the FRAUD MEDIA is a tool of THE LIAR, Lucifer, Himself. I wish this were hyperbole, but it is not; they function as a powerful tool of THE Liar, himself.

It is far past the time we realize the great evil we face; this is not a parlor game, but LIFE or DEATH for hundreds of millions and DEATH walks with this woman.

You need to note her name and her image, pay close attention to her, rebuke the spirit she represents, the spirit that controls her because she is an immerging dangerous enemy.

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