Friday, May 16, 2014

America's Covert War On Russia

I told you last time a Russian Rocket blew up before leaving the atmosphere that it was a message from Obama and that we were technically at war with Russia, not because Russia has been aggressive, but because they have been “conservative” and "defensive."

The Conservative Russia

Russia is UNWILLING to go along with the New World Order Agenda. 

(1)They have been protecting persecuted Christians, when the “internationlists” (read the CIA and their Arab Legion – Al Qiada and our number one ally The Muslim Brotherhood) is slaughtering them around the world with the aid of American logistical support, supplies and money and many times over and covert TROOPS.
(2) Russia has had the good sense to pass laws against the New World Order's new “evolved morality” by protecting their children from the monsters of the Gay Agenda and Gay propaganda in their society.
(3) Russia has NOT allowed, Egypt, Syria and Ukraine to fall to the Internationalist's Agenda, at least not without a fight - and so far it is a stalemate for Ukraine and Syria and a NWO loss in Egypt.
(4) Much to the dismay of the Internationalists Russia has fortifying their alliance with India, when we are stuck with Pakistan.  BTW India will also not bow to the N.W.O., agenda, actively taking-out domestic Muslims who proved their danger to the country.  The new prime minister of India, just elected yesterday was condemned by Obama for protecting his citizens from Jihadis who were terrorizing the people in his province when he was governor.  He was pronounced persona non gratis,  his American Visa was revoked in 2010. (This while Obama opened the flood gates for Jihadis to enter the U.S.)  The alliance between Russia and India is of long duration and the Malthusian Monsters of the west will not peel India away from that Russian Alliance.  

Like I stated it would happen when speaking of earlier rocket launch “failures,” this is another attack on Russia. One would be foolish to believe it is not.  It doesn't matter if it was accomplished by sabotage on the ground or high tech weaponry in the upper atmosphere it is an American attack. I discount the ground sabotage idea, since the use of our high tech weaponry leaves no trace of its use. Texas and Louisiana learned that the hard way.  They have the option to disable the rocket or vaporize it completely.  

I stated and wrote, when Obama first started his Propaganda to demonize Russia and Putin, beginning in February of 2013, trying to stir up all kinds of Cold War Fears that his reason was to create in Russia the boogy-man threat he needed, around which Americans would unite, (he hoped). I explained that the reason I knew that it was all Psy-Opts was because I knew that Russia was little threat because the U.S. had the technical power, the advanced weaponry already DEPLOYED able to knock out Russia's entire nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles fleet AFTER they were launched and BEFORE they left the atmosphere over Russia.  You have seen that technology in use several times since 2009 over Russian air space. These are acts of war. 

If you trace the history of Russian rocket “failures” there has been a rash of them that began immediately after Hillary Clinton's embarrassing “re-start relations button incident" and Russia's rebuff.  I don't know the exact number but several in 2010, 2011 and 2012 and one last year. The “failure” last year happened (7.2.2013) as Russia gave logistical support to the Egyptian People, 33,000,000 of them standing in the streets throwing off their Muslim Brotherhood Masters.  Since the engine in the cargo vehicles is identical to the engines in the rockets that are used to launch American payloads in the U.S., and American astronauts from Russian air space, these series of failure should have caused a massive investigation by NASA, which it did NOT.  Why not?  Because they/we are fully aware of the reasons for the “failures.”  

This from an August 24, 2011 Reuters story: 

“The loss of the unmanned Progress 44 supply vehicle was the latest in a series of Russian launch failures over the last 10 months. That track record could be a worry, since the United States is relying on the Russians to ferry its astronauts to and from the International Space Station in the wake of the space shuttle fleet's retirement last month.”  That caution, that investigation never happened. It was later disclosed that it is the exact same engine in both the manned and unmanned American and Russian launches. 

It appears that the U.S., is specifically targeting Russia's satellite reconnaissance abilities and maybe simple communications abilities, as well.  It is a technical isolation of Russia, in preparation for the War the New World Order Elites are itching to have.  It may never go "hot" but it will be relentless no matter what NWO Puppet occupies the Oval Office. OR until Russia complies and there is 0 percent chance of that. These NWO Elites believe that they understand human nature and have a low view of it. They believe the Russians can be discouraged to surrender, bought off or otherwise neutralized. They have zero understanding of the determination of the Russians.

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