Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Heroes Speak From the Grave - the rest of us just cease to speak

Phillip Marshall was a pilot's pilot. Immediately following 9/11 he knew that little we were being told about 9/11 was true. He quickly came to the understanding that there had been a coup d'etat, and the shadow government (the CIA) had taken complete control of our country.  He wrote about it, exercising his right as an American Citizen who loved his country and hated the criminals who had taken control of it. He understood the glaring inconsistencies of the official story, thought he did not live to understand the depth and sophistication of the conspiracy. Though he may have understood much more, as he was writing his second book on the subject and was very enthused about what he was discovering. We will never know because he was assassinated, and an unscheduled visit by his beautiful teenage son and daughter, caught them in the violence and they were executed as well. Bodies are falling all over as the New World Order's CIA tries to cover the FACT that they have completed a coup d'etat in the U.S.  

I do NOT have any respect for Alex Jones and believe him to be a provocateur and LIAR - I know he lied about Bill Cooper and I KNOW Bill Cooper made an IDIOT of him. BUT, here we are 13 years later and Jones makes the connection between the deaths of Phillip Marshall and his children, and Senator Nancy Schaefer and her husband "suicided" in identical settings and identical circumstances. I find it VERY strange that Jones would make this connection.  WHY should he?  Senator Nancy Schaefer was a close friend my sister. THAT is the reason I made the connection. Jones has talked to THOUSANDS of people, and about many, many people who have died standing up to the criminals of this Coup. Why would he even remember Nancy Schaefer?

People are by eliminated folks - do not cower in FEAR, STAND UP!

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