Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Boring Uniformity of the New World Order

And the Proud Dumb Beasts It Creates

Butch, I'm starting to understand the concept/theory of a "new world society" in the future. But still not able to get a solid grasp on what it would actually BE. A world WITHOUT the far left gay lobby? Really?

Piano Butch Robinson:
It will be without the Gay Lobby, not without homosexuals. It will also be without real Christians, real Jews, or any other non-compliant religion or philosophy, Without any who would dare question the wisdom of the morality of the decisions of the Elite. Structured uniformity is the goal.  Society (if you could call a gulag a society) will contain a technically trained but culturally and morally illiterate servant class, working under the Elite Master Class - that's the plan.

This is certainly what the new education system is creating, is designed to produce, a dumbed down beasts capable of following technical data so they will be useful, but incapable of independent/critical thinking, incapable of connecting the dots, or moral thinking, indeed incapable of making any judgement which is not programmed into them. 

Nothing will be prized in such a Luciferian world but uniformity and the appearance of normality. It will appear on the surface very peaceful. The world will burn before God allows his creation to be uniformly reduced to dumb beasts. We see it on fire everywhere already.

Speaking of dumbed down beasts, there are millions produced already that perfectly fit the definition I gave above, a technically trained but culturally and morally illiterate servant class, capable of following technical data so they will be useful, but incapable of independent/critical thinking, incapable of connecting the dots, or moral thinking, indeed incapable of making any judgement which is not programmed into them. 
You would be surprised how many people I've had explain to me over the years, that the NSA could not possibly be recording EVERYTHING. And btw the center for this NSA vacuuming/recording was till recently, a secret base near Atlanta, a huge underground facility. Now it is supposedly in the Nevada dessert. (I have some doubts about this - I think that new facility is a bright and shiny decoy.)

Sorry I digress:  
All these years, the greatest protesters were the most highly trained computer experts who would claim superior technical knowledge, (and this is true) but being incapable by common sense to see the BIG picture. Anyone with the ability to "think" had to have known from day one that the internet operates upon "switching hubs." That all data is switched/directed from one IP address to another, Sender/Receiver. The hubs are "servers" and the NSA fostered the mythology that there were independent, private hubs for direct communication owned by big corporations, etc.  Common sense dictates that any computer capable of reaching to more than one address, has to be switched between addresses. And your PC is capable of reaching billions of addresses. At the switching point all traffic is split, mirrored, so that everything is passed to a mirror location as it is directed thus captured/recorded as it passes through the NSA switching point.  

These Hubs are all NSA. There are no non-NSA hubs. The computer "experts" would say things like, "that is not possible" "do you have any idea the space that would be required to sort and store all that data?" etc, ignorantly thinking that "they" held the state of the art knowledge of what computer science has generated and that THEY understood the most advanced systems. It never once crossing their minds or making a dent in the consciousness the idea that "top secret" technology might possibly be more advanced than the antiquated technology they are "conditioned to believe" is 'state of the art - the most advances.'  Though highly trained they hold the perceptions of a trusting pet, unable to even suspicion that their master may be duplicitous. 

As we see, heroes like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates have been little more than conduits for the technical knowledge they were allowed to know about, the technical power and infrastructure that already existed (already antiquated when they were allowed knowledge of it). Their creativity was not in creating any of the technology, their creativity was to use what they were given, both knowledge and physical/technical structure of the internet and create software and hardware for public use on a system that already existed.

Bill Gates is showing himself the perfect dumb beast, without moral judgement spending massive amounts of money for the genocide through the Bill and Linda Gates foundation. He and Warren Buffet having accepted the Malthusian Plan. It is quite a trick of the New World Order herders, create the genius, herd him to nearly trillionaire status then herd his fortunes for the detriment of mankind, for their own agenda, all the while making him think himself a genius and benevolent SAINT, and that his thoughts and moral judgments are his own. 

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