Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Be Brave, Be Very, Very Brave.

Take a lesson in how you are constantly mentally herded, how mind control is used monotonously and continually in the corporate/government media.

You think they are your friends.
You think they mean well.
You think they are good people.

You think they are on the side of truth.
You think they are on YOUR side.
You even hold emotions about these news people, warm feelings about them like they are your friend.

Like silly women used to lose perspective in the primitive days of T.V. mind control, where they could not separate the character from the actor, where the fantasy of the soap opera actually became mixed with their OWN reality?  
Just like those women wrapped up in soap opera characters and plots, you are in love with, or at least believe yourself the "friends of" these HERDERS, who form your opinion of everything, everyday.

You don't see through YOUR eyes, sadly you see through theirs.

There was a time that the American Culture was 80% the product of Johnny Carson and Walter Cronkite. That era gave way to Oprah Winfrey and 24/7 Cable News.

Take twenty-seven minutes and prove me wrong. But you have to watch carefully and grasp the concept of Neuro Linguistic Programming.  I chose the video below, for the benefit of my "conservative" Republican, Tea Party, Christian friends. Because on this video The Great Sean Hannity is totally wrong, operating as a dis-information agent for the NeoCons of the New World Order, who had pulled off the greatest and most dangerous HOAX in World History. And whether you can believe it or not, the professor was totally right, and history has proved everything true, that he was not allowed to communicate. 

Please watch these in order so you can understand what I am saying to you. 

 You have no grasp of what powerful sorcery you mentally yield to everyday.  You sit yourself down in front of the tube, "veg out" and let other people program your mind.

If you have nerve, watch this next video and understand it is NOT fake.  I learned these techniques at a young age and used them quite extensively for a few years, creating successful business and making thousands of people like me. Until I grasped the evil of it. Those who follow my writing know that I'm now abrasive and sometimes intentionally insulting. I insult people who wish to become my "fan" and I insult people who use these techniques. Why? Because human possession of another human (taking away someone's judgement) is as evil as demon possession. These highly sophisticated tools are the tool of the evil manipulators in the world, and many of them occupy your church pulpits. They control the media programming, entertainment and news, and have robbed you of your natural human LIBERTY.

These are the tools of the advertisers, the sports promoters, the politicians.  More and more these methods have replaced education in schools and colleges.

Please do not be foolish enough to think this is fake.

I took a course at Yale, on "Evolutionary Demographics."  I witnessed the professor illicit tears from many of the young women in the first class over the idea of the disproportionate number of female "infanticides" and targeted abortions in Chinese culture.  They actually wept at the lost of some sixty million female deaths over the course of a few centuries. Twenty sessions later the very same young women were cheering, literally cheering the fact of 1.5 BILLION abortions in the world since 1990.  They did not experience cognitive dissonance, they were successfully brainwashed. Humans have to wise up, if we are to survive.

Past the Media's Mind Wars Campaign is the direct assault on the American People who dare to see and tell truth.  This is a program of long standing where they actually hack your blogs and change words and sentences to turn away audience. It began decades ago with the name COINTELPRO - The Sabotage Of Legitimate Dissent conducted by J. Edgar Hoover's FBI.  It continues today where 80% of the world's computer hackers have American security clearance and their job is not "monitoring" terrorism as you have been told, but squashing dissent.

The Church Committee was the greatest leap toward liberty in the 20th century because it attacked the American Gestapo directly.  Every Lover of Liberty ought to be an expert on what was uncovered by Frank Church and his committee.

This video talks about the use of Counter Intelligence Programs (CONINTELPRO) against those on the left of the political spectrum, but the same apparatus is being used against Conservatives, Constitutionalists, Patriots, Militias and the anyone telling the truth about our present Totalitarian Government.  Just remember when you watch this, that there are a million more people with Classified Clearance than there are Federal Employees. Aside from the army of hacker and provocateurs, we have 10,000 (they keep changing this number from 10,000 to 10 - I have corrected it many times)  members of the Muslim Student League, and other nation's intelligence organizations playing ordinary people on Social Media.  Trust me, you converse with these people on FaceBook and Twitter and other social media and are unaware of it.

The Psy-War Assault on Your Soul

The Psy-War Assault on Donald Trump and US.

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