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No Place To Hide

I want to make a public record of this experience. Mostly for the benefit of friends and family.

A Testimony of
FBI Harassment: Patriots were being targeted LONG before the recent Tea Party movement.

Having spent most of the 80s, all of the 90s to about 2005 being obviously dogged by the FBI, I know first hand the intimidation tactics this government can employ.  They wanted to make damn sure we knew they were watching us, multiple no-knock secret searches (actual burglaries) of our home and computers, things obviously moved, nothing ever taken. Twice, we returned from trips to discover our front door had been left wide open. This is a common tactic of the FBI use third party greed and curiosity to create vandalism and/or theft to further harass their subjects. Anything to create chaos for them. 

Their harassment became part of the fabric of our lives, and humorous for us. What they didn't count on and could never understand was the Holy Spirit in our hearts, the Spirit of Truth guiding our minds and Holy Angels guarding us.  Invasion after invasion, nothing was missing, nothing ever went missing.  I can't count the times we would turn off our computers, even unplugging them,  go out to dinner, only to return to the computers plugged in and turned on, passwords by-passed  and open to "objectionable documents," which were of course my writings about government atrocities, the National Emergency Police State, the death of Constitutional Governance and parallels to the Soviet Stalinist State. We spent years knowing they could plant drugs or illegal weapons, fake a crime any time they wanted, against which we would have little defense, and would most likely serve time. That is the import of intimidation vs mere surveillance. I was under FBI intimidation not merely surveillance. They were not interested in what you know, they already knew that. They wanted to intimidate me into SILENCE and quiet compliance.  It was a period of isolating in a way, because few could be told, as even family would assume that you were guilty of something, if they thought the FBI was interested in you. 

Back then it was constant rather low tech bugging, and ubiquitous government unmarked vehicles. Following my publications about the Waco Massacre and having met more than a few of the Militiamen and women that massacre stirred awake they stepped up their focus and assigned an undercover agent to me, custom fitted to become my best buddy. By then having a profile of me, knowing my eclectic interests, they created in him the perfect best buddy, a Harley riding Harvard alum and very talented musician, also interested in prison ministry. Since I was into the intricacies of grand piano restoration and music, he was a clock maker and antique clock restorer and choral director. You have to give credit to the FBI's psychological people, he was an impressive fellow, who I immediately liked. His cover was that had sold a business and retired early. (By this time I was semi-retired) Because of my interest in Luciferian Behaviorist Psychology (mind control, B.F. Skinner, MKultra etc), it happened that his business was quasi-psychological, the largest Lie Detector service in the state of Georgia. What he didn't know is that very early in my life I became an expert at reading micro-expressions, those split second incongruent flashes of the soul that flit across the face and expose the actor.  I knew he was an "actor" within the first fifteen minutes of meeting him.

Part of that time that "Roger" was my "bestest buddy" I had to share him with John and Patsy Ramsey. He was assigned to them when they returned to Atlanta. The "bestest buddy" relationship lasted just better than a decade.  It would have lasted longer, but I saw the growing frustration in the fellow and honestly feeling sympathy for him told him one day, "Look, I'm feeling guilty. I really don't want to keep up the charade. Roger, I've known from the first day you arrived that you were undercover law enforcement.  I just didn't know for sure if you were FBI or GBI. But I've known for some time you are FBI."  The color drained from his face as he realized the years of wasted effort. He was too much a gentleman to curse me, but his words were white hot anger. After years of acting he let loose what he "really" thought of me.  The best he could do was sputter that I was "nothing but a huckster."  He repeated the charge three times, huckster, con man, then fraud. He got on his Harley and left, and I've never seen or heard from him since. 

Truth be, I missed him. Even knowing he was a fraud, a government paid liar, I like him, because he was talented and an interesting character and lots of entertainment.  After all we had worked together for years in the Prison Ministry, shared lunch about once a week, occasional casual "drop-ins" or dinners with family. Of course he pretending to be interested in my every thought. Then zip - he was gone. 

When we moved to a little farm house, 1100 sq feet, and ordered DSL around the year 2000, six men showed up to install our fiber optic line. It didn't take me long to know who was the real AT&T tech and which were the college educated bumbling FBI agents. It was comical them stumbling all over one another in that tiny house, trying to look "blue collar" pretending to install the cable.  We uncovered bugs for months afterward.  Needless to say - I'm fully aware of the fact that all you have to do in this society to become a target of your own government, is to Dissent from the Globalist/Luciferian/NWO goals, opinions and policy. All you have to do is show moral outrage when they commit any one of their multiple atrocities and talk or write about it. Or for them to realize that their mind science conditioning rolls off you and you SEE them. 

What did I do to become the target of the FBI?
Well (1) I was friends with Congressman Larry McDonald, who saw them clearly all the way back in the 1960s, who became the head of the John Birch Society and predicted before his assassination, the take down of our Republic exactly as it has happened. (2) I knew about the CIA's involvement in the creation of, or at least co-opting of the Satanist movement and its part in their mind control experiments, drug and sex slave trafficking. (3) I had met and deprogrammed some of the sad young adults who had been victims of the MKultra programming. Truly sad broken individuals. (4) I cooperated with those who were liberating victims from this program. That really pissed them off. Following came a series of death threats. (5) I was aware of the CIA's financing of the FAKE Christian Right movement.

But their really overt intimidation started when in 1982, I wrote Menachem Begin a very friendly letter (non-threatening letter) questioning the morality of the Sabra and Shatila massacres, where Ariel Sharon, then Israeli Defense Minister, turned his back, in territory Israel held, and gave the green light to Christian Militia under his control, who used guns and bulldozers to slaughter nearly 3500 Muslim women and children, in the dead of night, these victims locked in a refugee camp, unable to escape.  Any who tried to escape were shot, the rest were crushed in the ruble under tractor treads.  Yes, they were the families of Muslim fighters, but the PLO fighters had already withdrawn. Why not deport them to Tunisia with their husbands? Rather, in their absence, in what can only be described as a cowardly act of revenge, they slaughtered their families.  I sent the letter to Begin, challenging him to explain to me how that was not an action worthy of the NAZIS, and how it felt as a Jew, to imitate the NAZIS. I asked him if he thought Israel could survive no longer holding the high moral ground. I asked him simply how he could reconcile that slaughter of unprotected women and children with his understanding of his own God and indeed if his vision of his own God was little different than the blood-soaked ALLAH of the Muslims. I also asked him to explain to me how the Jews, having been the victims of the NAZIS, and the Holocaust holding moral sway in the Zeitgeist of Western Society, could adopt the inhumane policies of the NAZIS without it clouding his conscience and sanity, and destroying the political good will the Holocaust had generated. Time show that it was at that point that the Europeans reached out to the Arabs, and the result of that massacre you see playing out in Europe, to the detriment of the Europeans, Israel have lost all respect in their eyes. That Naziesk massacre was so foreign to my impression of Israel and knowledge of all the many peaceful moral Jews I knew, I just could not reconcile it. My letter was sincere, polite and not mocking but pointed.  I know from reliable sources that the last years of Begin's life, he became a near recluse and ALWAYS had that letter near him. Reports said he walked about his house in his house robe reading that letter over and over again. Little did I know the hell it would rain down on me.

Around 2005 the intimidation stopped. Now we know why, because the NSA PRISM system made the older forms of surveillance unnecessary - on their part. The monitoring turned from humans to robots, literally. Also, the numbers of those who had awakened had grown exponentially. So the intimidation stopped, (for a period). I think they just didn't have the manpower to waste. Their intimidation of me was always unnecessary and a gross violation of Constitutional Rights, not to mention our Natural Human Rights.  

If I could re-live that moment, would I write that letter?  I'm damned certain I would. Those who remain silent in the face of such inhumanity assent to it.  Pope John Paul II talked about the fact that ethics and morals concerning the advancement of human technology "comes down to respect for man's inviolable rights."  This New World Order Globalist Cabal that has held our country in its grip for decades cares NOTHING about the dignity of any individual human, much less about protecting his rights. That Cabal is our ENEMY. It is Luciferian at its core. All it really fears are those who are capable of perception of TRUTH. The rest are just their play-toys, their servants, their dupes, patsies and useful idiots.


Military Preparedness, no Army or Insurgency Can Conquer.

April 18th 2013
What is our choice as our country is turned into a gulag, Liberty ripped from us, those who resist labelled "dangerous" and MAD, having a mental disorder called, "OPPOSITIONAL DEFIANCE DISORDER" where anyone who stands in opposition to the Culture of Death and thinks that the impact of their resistance has meaning is labeled as having "delusions of grandeur" and megalomania?[LINK]
Archpriest Symeon Elias.      

Glenn Greenwald: from Martin Luther King to Anonymous, the state targets dissenters not just "bad guys."  Don't believe the argument that mass surveillance is only a problem for wrongdoers. Governments have repeatedly spied on anyone who challenges their power, says Glenn Greenwald in an extract from his book about Edward Snowden and the NSA, No Place to HideGlenn Greenwald: from Martin Luther King to Anonymous, the state targets

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