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The War on Humans: The Green Movement as Eugenics

If I didn't love irony, I would have been in big trouble for the last half-century.  I can't help but enjoy the irony wrapped inside the works of some who suddenly are agreeing with me, who are becoming SHOCKED AWAKE, who would have called me nutz only a few years or a decade ago.  Here is an example:  Wesley J. Smith, who co-authored books with Ralph Nader, said in his book, "The War On Humans"  

"Anti-humanism is only part of the problem we face from the Green Misanthropes. (note Deep Ecology and Gaia Eco-Pagans)  This book will also explore the extent to which radical environmentalism is corrupting scientific rationalism - perhaps with malice aforethought.  Indeed, it is very clear to me that ideology seeks to supplant the dispassionate scientific method of obtaining and applying facts and data - come what may - with an emotional fervor reminiscent of a quasi-religious movement seeking to impose its dogma into policy and law." 

This is a brilliant and true statement. The irony is that Smith believes this is the result of "anti-humanism" and not the result of the Humanism he has accepted hook, line and sinker all these decades.  He does not realize that what he is describing is the very FACT and picture of the situation and introduction and evangelizing of Darwinism. So his brilliant perception is one hundred and thirty years late.

Smith's book by the way, is excellent even if belated.  He bemoans the fact that "people are noticing the corruption, that is undermining the population's general trust (note blind faith) in the scientific sector."  He said further, little wonder. "The public is smart enough to differentiate between what are sometimes called bench scientists, and the politicized "science" advocates, the latter of whom too often strive to conflate our overwhelming support for science per se as agreement with their favored political/ideological agendas.  Moreover, people have come to understand that scientific studies are like Scripture: You can read into them almost anything you want. Too often the conclusions the scientists want seem to precede their actual study of the evidence."  

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That is of course absolutely true and is the history, and as true of Darwinism/Evolution as it is of Radical-Malthusian Eco-Science.   I doubt Smith would agree or maybe at this point in the expansion of the scientific data disproving the major posits of Evolution with absolute certainty, he is preparing to admit this as well.  

The Fact is the murderous scheme of Malthus was "evolution" driven, and cannot be separated from the "HUMANISM" that spawned it. Evolution was not invented by Darwin. Darwin's Luciferian Grand Father was an Evolutionist (this is public record).  Charles Darwin merely collected fossils and claimed they fit the model his grand-father had taught him. The fossil evidence did not prove evolution then and much less now. And physics, micro-biology and D.N.A. science prove to mathematical certainty, the impossibility of matter from nothing, and biological life from innate matter and also exposes the amazing complex structural design evidenced in the space/time paradigm, and in even the tiny world of sub-atomic matter/energy.   All preclude the possibility of "spontaneous generation" of both matter and life.  The odds of spontaneous generation are the equivalent to one atom to a number of atoms greater than all the atoms in the known universe. The impossibility of the tenets of Darwinism are witnessed by a ratio greater than we can picture or imagine, a mathematical certainty that cannot be overcome. 

Smith has grown ALARMED seeing clearly the murderous (genocidal) plans of the Deep Ecology Movement and the Gaia Eco-Pagans.  His alarm is well founded because it is the tip of the spear of a massive Genocidal mania that increasingly plagues the 21st Century Culture of Death. What I doubt he sees is that Humanism has been just a deadly, and that these movements, although most certainly anti-human, are not anti-"humanism" as he suggests, but rather the logical extension and expression of the philosophy of Humanism as practiced and expressed for nearly two centuries. 

I doubt Smith winked when reading the paper written by Sir Julian Sorell Huxley, the first director of UNESCO, entitled "UNESCO Its Purpose and Its Philosophy" outlining in black and white the very Genocidal plans he now decries.  I bet he and Ralph Nader have applauded the fine goals of UNESCO for decades. I would be shocked if you did NOT find their names on UNESCO's list of donors.

Archpriest Symeon Elias - 

World Evolutionary Humanism, Eugenics and UNESCO

UNESCO Its Purpose and Its Philosophy Part 1

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