Thursday, May 29, 2014

Confrontation with the UNDEAD.

How many Zombies are in our number, who look perfectly normal on the outside, even dignified, but whose brains are in the shape of this fellow's face.

Just when I think there is hope I am accosted by a actual breathing ZOMBIE. He was driving a late model large Ford, and dressed in expensive golf attire. 

Here is what happened: 

My sister-in-law and I left our two new male dogs at vet this morning to be neutered. I took my old dog, so that afterward we dropped them off, he and I could walk at one of our favorite spots.  We were inside the vets for about 20 minutes. 

As we were attempting to leave, approaching the car, this ZOMBIE removing his dog in the next slot turned to us and said, "You left a dog in your car. You shouldn't do that in the Summer Season."  
I just looked at him as my sister-in-law stammered, "Its kind of cool and we were only inside for a few minutes."  She was making excuses and feeling as if she needed to. 
I was willing to drop it, but the Zombie said, "Still, it is dangerous to leave a dog in the car in the Summer Season." 
Too Late, now it was ZOMBIE lesson time. I said, "Sir, do you realize the layers of stupidity you have just exposed?" 
Shocked look no comment.  I continued "You are a mental ZOMBIE, conditioned by the media and you have abdicated your own common sense."
He said now in a strong argumentative voice, "I know it is CRUEL to leave a dog in the car in the Summer Season." 
I responded "Idiot, do you understand the difference between Season and HEAT??  You see, I ask because I know for a FACT your father knew.  In fact he had enough common sense that he would have looked at my old dog in the car, realized that it is about 65 degrees, heavily overcast, that the left and right widows are one third down for the air to flow and that it is probably cooler in this car right now than in your own living room.  But here you are, having abdicated your own common sense, assumed to yourself the RIGHT to lecture us about something that by COMMON SENSE IS NOT HAPPENING!  Where did this idea come from?  Why are you this stupid?  I bet you VOTE every time the polls open and you vote just like your union bosses tell you to vote."
He blinked several times like he was replaying my last sentence then stuttered,  "I'm not in a Union, but I do my civic duty." 
I said, "I'm sure with all the wisdom and intelligence you have just exposed." 
As he turned toward the office door he mumbled under his breath, "You are a nut job." 
I said, "And you are a ZOMBIE devoid of REASON, sleeping through life, thinking and speaking only what you've been conditioned to think and speak by the talking heads on Television."

As I was getting in my car, I took a close look at the bumper sticker I thought was a "proud union member" sticker.  I was blown away when I read, "American Society of Civil Engineers."  Really! Do you want Zombies designing your bridges and sky-scrapers.

It makes me wonder if when the American Society of Civil Engineers created their fanciful explanations about how the Twin Towers fell on 911 for the 911 Commission, a theory that defied every pertinent the law of physics and nature, that instead of them being complicit in a cover up, that maybe they really could not break themselves out of the conditioned meme. Maybe they really were so conditioned that to protect the meme they were willing to defy immutable laws of physics and nature.  Isn't that EXACTLY what this Civil Engineer did, lecturing us for leaving my dog in a COOL car, BECAUSE it is the "summer season."  What could explain France recently buying 30 BILLION Dollars worth of new train equipment, TOO BIG to operate on their rail system. Inspectors in this country can't seem to understand when bridges are going to collapse. Climate scientists can't get a single prediction correctly. Doctors are killing people with drugs. Police keep shooting innocent bystanders. Have all these people abdicated common sense?  The level of Zombie conditioning is showing everywhere. 

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