Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My Own Cognitive Dissonance, by Fr Symeon Elias

I speak of the Cognitive Dissonance of other people, but if honesty has any meaning, I have to admit my own.

Here is mine.

My favorite piece of music is Mozart's Requiem Mass.  It is a composition that is almost perfect in a world where perfection is not allowed.

The bond between this piece of music and me is so complete that I want no words, no mention of ME and no prayers at my funeral, just this piece of music that states the reality of my soul.

However, I do not want just any version.
And certainly not the best performances, which were the work of the NAZI, the Conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic, Herbert von Karajan (4/5/1908 – 7/16/1989) the Austrian conductor who was Hitler's sycophant, who many regarded as the greatest conductor of the 20th century.  No, please play for me some inferior concert available on Youtube. 

The brave pronouncements of the New World Order:

What happens if one punches a Youtube presentation of Herbert von Karajan's performance of Mozart's masterpiece. (Karajan = pronounced like the dead shit that vultures eat - carrion) one is presented with a GAY PRIDE commercial, where one is informed that penis sucking and vagina licking is GLORIOUS.

This New World Order Piece of Walking Shite, was so stained by his association with Hitler and his Richard Wagner presentations for Hitler, that he was NEVER issued an American Visa. (There was a period that people understood his Luciferian ties. Now Lucifer is in control.)

he was THE dominant figure in European classical music from the 1960s until his death.

The most "cognitive dissonant" experience of my life was watching Herbert van Karajan's performance of this special piece of music, MY favorite piece of music,  in the 1980s, knowing it was by material standards, the best performance ever, yet knowing it was a product of the Luciferians, and would be used as New World Order Propaganda for decades.

Look at Herbert Von Karajan, dressed in pseudo-clerical garb . . . black clothes with a white collar, a High Priest of the New World Order, with his  "Evolved Morality." He has the demeanor as a demoniac, laying backward for most of the performance, defying the laws of gravity and nature, his eyes reptilian slits, his face the expression of a corpse.

I cannot imagine what spiritual delusions this Monster experienced prior to his meeting Satan in hell. But I am relatively certain of his experience of hell at this moment.

Here is the version I want played at my funeral.  And if you cannot make it, just punch it up on youtube and spend a few moments remembering how I blessed or cursed your life. I would be most please if you remembered that I challenged you to think things you might not have thought without knowing me.  - Archpriest Symeon Elias

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