Saturday, May 10, 2014

Smelling Nothing but Shite, I believe I'm walking on Roses.

The Cognitive Dissonance of the American Zombie:

Remember the list of unknowing and emotional statements my friend gave me as examples of the ZOMBIFICATION of Americans? 

"duh, doesn't our Constitution mean anything?
"Isn't it against the law to pass a law that is illegal? 
"Where are our "lawyers" that are in Congress? 
"Are they dumb and blind? 
"Or, are they just as corrupt?"

Zombified Americans are living their lives at the moment as if caught in an episode of the Twilight Zone, where nothing they see happening makes sense, nor can they reconcile the reality these events they witness to what they believe to be true. They talk incessantly about "tyrannical and dictatorial action" the vast sea of "illegalities and un-constitutional moves of government" the "abuse of people and groups" and CANNOT understand that these things represent the underlying reality. The Tyranny is REAL!

Please let me put it in grosser terms so young people can comprehend. They believe that even though they see and smell nothing but shite, they are actually walking on a bed of roses. This is called Cognitive Dissonance, where they are faced with two sets of facts, sets of facts that totally contradict one another, both sets of facts they thoroughly believed, so to they cannot reconcile facts with REALITY, since REALITY requires the sacrifice of one set of facts, recognized as false. Fantasies die hard painful deaths. 

S.K. is a good guy and thoroughly aware of the abuses and corruption of the Obama Administration - and sadly this morning exposed himself caught in Cognitive Dissonance, walking through a sea of shite, thinking he is walking in a rose garden. The shite is the reality of the present tyranny and abuses of this totalitarian state, the rose garden is his illusion of constitutional governance.

SK asked me this morning: 
"How is it legal to illegally void the Constitution? I'll await a cogent reply."

(Are you awake? Does the massive naivete and ignorance of that statement blow you away? or are you asleep and believe that question powerful?)

Piano Butch Robinson: 
SK, you surprise me. That question is truly a ZOMBIE question. I though you were more alive than this question indicates. You speak as if the constitution were an impermeable substance, spoken in the eternal words of God, never to be harmed, mortally wounded, ignored and destroyed. When in fact it is a piece of parchment with ink on it, expressing certain ideals of the forming and functioning of Government, which holds NO resemblance to the present government we actually IN REALITY have. 

Here is a cogent answer - a very short history lesson.

How the constitution became weakened to the point of holding no power is through the legal process called "precedent." These "precedent setting" cases were seen to legally define and limit the power of the constitution. 

This doctrine of legal precedent holding this power all sprang from legal opinions (court cases) during and following the civil war. Since the North's war to keep the Sovereign State of the South from succeeding was un-constitutional (destroying State Sovereignty - Sovereignty codified in the constitution) at that point American jurisprudence became unstuck from the constitution. Supreme court rulings from that point on became capricious, sometimes invoking the ghost of the Constitution but always hanging on post-constitutional precedent. At that point in history (the civil war) the Republic and the Constitution had failed, What survived the war was not the previous Constitutional Republic but a now Federalized (Centralized) non-sovereign state system. (referencing the 50 states)

Following the war a new constitutional congress should have been called, so that each sovereign state could agree to mutual governance. Instead what happened is the Federal Government took Central - FEDERAL control (impossible by the articles of the constitution) installed occupation governors across the south, treated those "STATES" as conquered territory "administered" at the Federal Level, policed by Federal Troops. They did this through the benevolence called "Reconstruction" which was actually massive oppression insuring state subservience. They followed the same pattern taking over Europe following WWII through the Marshal Plan (the European Reconstruction period.) The legal cases derived from this were all "precedent setting" and not "constitution based." 

Next came the surrender of our Economic Sovereignty to the European Banking Cabal - through the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank (A Marxist Central Bank) and our subjugation to it. (Something that was illegal in the U.S. for 140 years and NOT constitutional) The slave mechanism of income tax was immediately instituted and our progressive debt slavery began. Income on labor has NEVER been legally taxable, yet the Feds have sent many people to prison for not paying it - this is public record and really tells the entire story if one is not brainwashed by the false meme most believe is "reality." 

Next the creation of the "international legal establishments" and our Treaties with them in the company of other nations - bit by bit surrendering sovereignty. (The establishment of the New World Order - which is public record.) 

At that point because of supposed/or real Cold War tensions . . . the reasoning went like this - when facing totalitarian regimes with a sole commander who holds the power of war, can we take the chance to engage in the cumbersome and time consuming democratic processes of our republic when we may be destroyed before we can decide to respond. - sounds reasonable right? the mechanism for complete Totalitarian Rule was put into place. Read this article carefully with an open mind. Nothing it says is false.


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