Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Past the Tipping Point - Chris Hedges

This fellow, Chris Hedges is a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and writer. He is as liberal as anyone can be without being a Constitution Liberty Destroying Marxist. I have said for four years on Face Book, and many years prior on groups and in meetings, to any who would listen, that the battle is NOT between Right and Left, Liberal and Conservative, but has moved to the plane of Liberty vs Slavery. 

I was amazed to hear this speech Chris gave on 3/29/2014 where in 40 minutes, he tells you EVERYTHING about our present Totalitarian State that I've been telling you, all these years. What this represents is the vast body of GOOD LIBERTY LOVING Americans who are "liberal" who have learned with much disappointment what we GOOD LIBERTY LOVING Americans who are "conservative" have learned with much grief and disappointment, that our Government has become not just foreign to us, but an ENEMY to us. 

He clearly defines the ONLY means we have left to restore our LIBERTY. If I had been called upon to write this speech as a Christian Conservative there are only a few words and phrases I would have chosen differently. I would have stated 97 percent of what he stated just as he stated it. 

Please take the time to hear this speech, so that you can realize what a foolish act is participation in the present political processes of this GHOST Republic and what an utter waste of energy and time it is, and how it plays into the hands of the Totalitarian State that has over-thrown our Liberty and Privacy. Chris does not pull his punches, he says twice, "So the NSA and FBI are certain to understand, we must overthrow this corporate government . . we must OVERTHROW this corporate government.

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