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Zombie or Psychological Herder?

When dealing with people claiming to be Constitutional Patriots you have to ask yourself this question.  Is their ignorance real or faked? Are they obtuse because they are dull, or because they are part of the Fake Opposition, herding people into the Fake Political Process, operating a psy-opt for the ruling establishment?
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Between WWI and WWII Germany suffered under the yoke of immorality, hyperinflation, political instability and war. This was the Weimar Republic, a ‘democracy’ imposed by the victors of the Great War. Combining wounded national pride with hedonism, economic devastation and democratism created a chaotic soup that yielded chaos and collapse. The people who desired liberation soon found themselves desiring nothing more than basic goods and order. Caught between the anarchy of Communist agitators and threats of invasion from Western Capitalist Powers, the people had become conditioned to choose ‘moderation’, a third way – National Socialism! Will we fall for the same ploy?
History doesn’t necessarily repeat, but it sure does echo. We are not Germany, we are not living in the Weimar Republic, but we might be living in Weimerica. Foolish young people are jailed for experimenting with drugs while murders & rapists are let loose. Parents are disdained when they eschew the indoctrination of their children in over-priced centers of idiocy and conformity while sexual perversion is considered mandatory education.
We turn a blind eye to hedonism and libertinism while we label those who defend the Constitution, natural morality and fiscal responsibility as extremists and terrorists. We encourage public displays of anti-Americanism, homosexualism, anti-Christianity and Islamic jihadism while we ‘permit’ Christians to worship In private so long as they don’t make too big a deal out of it. We spend more time planning vacations and shopping for ‘holiday’ gifts than we do on concerns about quantitative easing, deficit spending and debt. We fight amongst ourselves over false left-right politics, conspiratorial distractions and tear apart statesmen who champion the Constitution for the most minor infractions to our superior political sensibilities while our blood and treasure is spilled to wage bankers’ wars across the globe.
We become emotionally charged at the prompting of the corporatist media, our favorite celebrities and professional athletes while suffering an open invasion across our borders and leaving our veterans at the mercy of an inefficient bureaucracy more concerned with killing innocents overseas for profit than defending our rights and property at home.
When we know more about unprovable conspiracies, Hollywood’s sexual escapades and this season’s sports championships than we do about our own history, the workings of the central bank and corporatist manipulations hiding in the shadows, we are doomed to relive Weimar in a brand new, soft, emotive American way. Torn between self-loathing, hatred of country, distrust of neighbor and fascistic nationalism disguised as patriotism, we are inviting social anarchism, state tyranny and economic collapse to reign.
When ‘conservatives’ promote ‘progressivism, ‘liberals’ sponsor ‘socialism’, ‘libertarians’ encourage anarchism and/or arrogant exclusivity while ‘Christians’ are far more concerned with their own superiority as they anticipate Armageddon, we are left with atomized individualism, collective psychosis and insular separation leading to conflict, division and empowerment of the very same spirit all accuse the ‘others’ of supporting. Each of us claims patriotism, superiority and an exclusive monopoly on being right while the transnational financiers, foreign enemies and the devil laugh.
Stop thinking with your genitals, wallet, feelings and fear and learn your history, your inheritance of ordered liberty, the natural moral law and employ the few political tools we have left to thwart the decline into the abyss of irrelevance, dissolution and chaos. Seek not an earthly savior, but stand up and save each other.
Tyranny is assured UNLESS liberty-loving people of good conscience can set aside their differences and band together against the rising tide of collectivism, statism and oligarchy. Grassroots conservatives and conservative-libertarians, whether Republicans, alternate party or independent MUST work together to ensure the restoration of constitutionally limited government – it is up to you. End the imperialist police state and to defeat the Democrat-Socialists, first you MUST CRUSH the RINOs, for liberty!
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  • Piano Butch Robinson Fascism isn't “rising” it has arisen. Always with the wrong tense. It is a fantasy that we have "political tools left" All PARTIES are acting inside a FAKE system. 

    It reminds me of a post yesterday with Dinesh D'Sousa saying that a Hillary Clinton
     Presidency, would “Finish the Country.” 
    I wrote:
    I know that Dinesh D'Souza is a genius and certainly NOT one of the herders whose job it is to make us think we have a Constitutional Republic.
    Dinesh assures us that a Hillary Clinton Presidency will "Finish Off America." 
    With all due respect worthy of the genius Dinesh is, I would like to ask him:
    At what point will we know we are finished off? 
    Maybe when they can arrest us without charge? 
    Maybe when they can detain us for any unstated length of time? 
    Maybe when they can execute us on the word of a "high ranking federal official" being labeled a "threat to national security." 
    Maybe when they destroy all privacy? Thus Human Dignity? Thus any pretense of LIBERTY? 
    Maybe when they can tax us for merely breathing?
    Maybe when they void the right of habeus corpus (a right held since the Magna Carta)?
    Maybe when they can detain us, not for what we have done but because they think certainly we may do something?
    Maybe when they can label us mentally ill, for our Constitutional Views, and call it "Oppositional Defiance Disorder'?
    Maybe when the Constitution is voided and we live in a Totalitarian Security Police State? 
    Do you mean to tell me we haven't been FINISHED OFF YET? 
    What is left to FINISH OFF?
    (Washington Examiner) – In his highly anticipated new book and movie “America,” conservative author Dinesh D’Souza is warning that Hillary Clinton won’t be a clone of her moderate husband, but will instead take the baton from President Obama to continue radicalizing the country and “undo the nation’…
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  • Rex Christi Perhaps you missed the reference to Wiemar Germany, Piano. Which is in the past, hence the tense is not incorrect. Furthermore, nit-picking on whether we have political tools or not, or whether we're already 'finished' or not is really not helpful. What do you propose? Giving up? Complaining? Firing hand guns at armored vehicles?
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  • Piano Butch Robinson I propose - something that apparently seems either RADICAL or SURRENDER, to you. That is TELLING THE TRUTH. It is the same message I've been giving you for THREE YEARS. What I have been saying is TRUTH, while you were wrapped up in FAKE politics, and now you move closer and closer to the truth. The very IDEA that it is nit-picking to accurately state our present circumstance is IDIOCY. Or are you really part of the FAKE resistance, trying to kept people convinced they live in a Constitution Republic when EVERY EVIDENCE is to the contrary?
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  • Rex Christi It is always good to tell the truth, but pointing out the truth does not empower anyone to do anything about it. We do live in a Constitutional Republic in structure NOT in practice. In practice we live in tyranny a of soft despotism, but that doesn't mean we should accept it.
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  • Piano Butch Robinson Wake up Rex - you are at the stages of grief called "Denial" and "Bargaining". You don't want to face the truth and actively deny it, because you cannot construct the security of a magic answer. We do not live in the structure of a Constitutional Republic, we live in the Ghost Structure of the fallen republic, that holds NO true democratic processes. And there is nothing soft about this tyranny that is operating a Global Christian genocide. I respectfully ask you to wake up and stop hauling water for the FAKE political process. Why? Because the answer you crave cannot be approached while in denial. We have to bravely ask, "Where are we?" "How did we get here?" "Can we empirically prove our answers to these two questions?" Only THEN will one have the perspective to understand the steps available to us. Your last sentence is PURE Cognitive Dissonance. "In practice we live in tyranny a of soft despotism, but that doesn't mean we should accept it." By common sense can't you grasp that that statement is the equivalent of saying, "We have sunk miles from shore, we see no help, but as long as we don't accept our situation we don't have to start treading water."???

  • Rex Christi You live for the fight when that's all that you've got. You do everything in your power to change it. I'm fairly confident we are both aware of the problem, we just may differ on what to do about it. I used soft despotism in the same sense as Tocqueville - it is only soft in that most of those under its yoke accept it - it does not mean it is always soft in its manifestation.

    I am not bargaining or denying anything - it is a bleak situation, but then again this is precisely that which we were promised, so there is no surprise. I can't recall who said it, but paraphrasing, "let the lie be, but not through me." God's is the victory, ours is the duty to act.
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  • Piano Butch Robinson IF that first sentence is an accusation that I SEEK violence, it is a damnable lie. I say IF, since the sentence as double meaning. As to your next sentence WISDOM dictates knowing if the tools you use for change are in the realm of possibility of producing the result you desire. When you cannot NAME the object you intend to "adjust" your hope of creating meaningful change is ZERO. Amazing, while you claim not to be in denial, you escape to the fatalism of some image of biblical prophecy. I won't let get by so easily. 
    Rex, the reason I question your use of biblical imagery is because I honestly believe that many Christians have been the victim of mind control, where when certain hellish things are presented to them it hits an autonomic trigger (a hypnotic suggestion buried deep in their sub-conscious - or as they say now un-conscious) - autonomic triggers that have them wrap themselves in some comforting prophetic or biblical mythology so that they feel “assurance,” and do not have to actually FACE the stark reality of the situation, robbing them of what reason would demand they do about it. Reason says, “study it, learn it, find its weak points, asses our strengths, attack and defeat it.” The non-reason of "biblical assurance" says, sit still, do nothing and await the rescue. Besides this is all in God's hands, it is inevitable and there is nothing we can do to stop it.” That may sound humble but that is “fatalism” and NOT Christian faith. - There has never been a period of history that God did not demand of his people to seek Truth, Justice and Mercy for the victims of evil, and to protect the innocent. No “end time mythology” relieves a Christian of their duty to fight for Truth, Justice and Mercy. Peace without these three is Tyranny, delusion and defeat.
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  • Rex Christi I don't disagree with most of that. I was using the word 'fight' in the sense of opposing the enemy, not necessarily physical violence. My reference to we are getting that which we were promised was regarding persecution. That does not mean we should welcome it or accept it, but we should expect it. That which is at issue is not some prudential judgment about what we should or should not do based on effectiveness and outcome; rather, that we should what is right about ending tyranny. I don't think we disagree on what the problem is, but we have some differences on how we go about getting people to shirk off the invisible chains of control. Restoring the Constitutional Republic in practice is a worthy goal - is it possible? I have no idea, but that doesn't mean I am not going to try and try with the intent that we will succeed, if not in my lifetime, maybe the next generation or the one after that.
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  • Piano Butch Robinson The actions required for RESURRECTING Constitutional Governance is far different than a simple psychological operation to give the illusion of Constitutional Governance and the possibility of change inside a rigged totalitarian system. When one is engaged in the latter, they CANNOT act as necessary for the former. One cannot engage in the language of the fantasy and change anything except increase the power of the fantasy - it is actually participation in a lying hypnotic scheme of programmed slavery. At this point in history, talking about candidates, talking about "reform" through fielding candidates is helping to construct the illusion created for us by the Mind War - it insures that people will waste their time, energy, and wealth on processes that have NO possibility of changing ANYTHING. What is that saying of Sherlock Homes? "When you have removed the impossible, you are left with the truth no matter how improbable." The impossible is using the tools subverted for the implementation of The Agenda (the political parties) for the purpose of stopping and taking down The Agenda. Princeton University has empirically proved the futility of this process for the last 40 years.

  • Rex Christi Again, I don't disagree with you about the problem, which you are quite adept at identifying, but other than telling the truth (also something about which we don't disagree) what are you suggesting people do?
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  • Piano Butch Robinson That, "What are you suggesting people do" question is the aforementioned Bargaining. It says, "Let us have the magic way out before we fully embrace the reality of the gulag." What escape plan or gulag overthrow can be accomplished by people who refuse to recognize their own imprisonment? So at the moment there is ONLY one logical step. To wake people us, and to convince them to stop participating in a FAKE political system. As I said before. Until that happens, there is no way to gain the perspective to act further. And I've already told you in general outline what We the People AWAKE must do, clear eye, surrendering our fantasies, “study it, learn it, find its weak points, asses our strengths, attack and defeat it.” In general terms we can say (1) resist, (2) defy (3) revolt and what nature these will be is determined by OUR strength. One cannot assess the possibilities while 90 percent of the people left and right are somnambulists.

    Read the paragraph, speaking of Edward Snowden's perceptions of our present situation - we have to ban together and win the information war:

     In the third chapter of his History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Edward Gibbon gave two reasons why the slavery into which the Romans had tumbled under Augustus and his successors left them more wretched than any previous human slavery. In the first place, Gibbon said, the Romans had carried with them into slavery the culture of a free people: their language and their conception of themselves as human beings presupposed freedom. And thus, says Gibbon, for a long time the Romans preserved the sentiments – or at least the ideas – of a freeborn people. In the second place, the empire of the Romans filled all the world, and when that empire fell into the hands of a single person, the world was a safe and dreary prison for his enemies. As Gibbon wrote, to resist was fatal, and it was impossible to fly.

    The power of that Roman empire rested in its leaders' control of communications. The Mediterranean was their lake. Across their European empire, from Scotland to Syria, they pushed roads that 15 centuries later were still primary arteries of European transportation. Down those roads the emperor marched his armies. Up those roads he gathered his intelligence. The emperors invented the posts to move couriers and messages at the fastest possible speed.

    Using that infrastructure, with respect to everything that involved the administration of power, the emperor made himself the best-informed person in the history of the world.
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  • Rex Christi I mostly agree; however, engaging in the current political process, no matter how defective and corrupt, does not preclude that. We aren't tied to one means or one strategy or one tactic. We can use all the arrows in the quiver. But, as it stands now, most Americans aren't 'awake' enough to desire a resistance, let alone conduct a revolution. Maybe after they feel more pain and see that some us aren't merely crying wolf.
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  • Piano Butch Robinson You continue to be a Zombie and anyone wasting time listening to you is only to be mislead. There are no true arrows in a fake process.
  • Rex Christi You have a knack for convincing others of your argument by insulting them. I just wonder about the effectiveness of that tactic. Those who want to assume that all is well aren't listening to either of us; those who are aware that all is not well don't need to be told that all is not well, but they may be interested in doing something about it. Complaining is easy.
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  • Piano Butch Robinson Here is your answer Rex if you can suspend disbelieve long enough to entertain the truth of it.

    I just had a conversation with a fellow that has a popular "conservative" Net Radio Show, pressing him to come to terms with the present situation in our country and admonishing him to stop participating in the perpetuation of the FAKE political process that only adds to the POWER of the myth, that we live in a Constitutional Republic. I explained to him that promoting candidates and parties in a FAKE political system is detrimental to Resurrecting our Liberty. After much conversation I gained this admission from him. " Again, I don't disagree with you about the problem, which you are quite adept at identifying, but other than telling the truth (also something about which we don't disagree) what are you suggesting people do?" Of course after that he retreated into his comfortable Zombification.

    I was feeling a little guilty for pressing a good man so hard, and was praying about it, deeply. As I prayed I had a vision of skittish birds that you feed. How they need the food, but are so frightened of the hand that feeds them. I really experienced a moments discouragement, thinking how impossible it is to teach the skittish. The image of the birds made me remember that I promised my wife I would bend a sharp edge down on a feeder the birds rarely use. I walked outside and all the birds flew in fear, yet one remained on the particular feeder in question. As I approached the bird looked at me and remained, eating seeds and then looking at me. I approached right next to the bird taking pictures as I did. Here are the pictures and I took a selfie so you would know I'm not blowing smoke. Do not be foolish enough to think this is a NOT conformation of the Holy Spirit, to the fact that feeding the skittish may have good consequences.

  • Piano Butch Robinson BTW you LIE when you claim that what I'm doing is "complaining." Easy to attack the truth teller and not suffer the WORK of facing the truth.
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  • Rex Christi If my statement wasn't clear, being a facebook post and all, please understand I was referring to the object in the prior sentence - those who are aware of the truth and want to be told what can be done about the political problem. It was not a direct reference to you. Nevertheless, feel free to jump to conclusions about me (so far, I've been accused of lying, being a Zombie, being in denial, bargaining with evil and being a skittish bird.) I'm not bothered, but then again my skin is not as thin as most. Are you getting you message out there with such tactics? Something worth contemplating FWIW.
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  • Piano Butch Robinson Yes I am. Three years ago you told me that you would not use the word Tyranny on your show because you didn't want to be labelled a "conspiracy theorist." Those three years have PROVE in the public domain everything I was telling you then and you could not hear. You've made progress, but you cannot yet face the facts clearly enough to stop perpetuating the FAKE "political process" and still claim in it somehow viable.
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  • Rex Christi (c) Three years ago you told me that you would not use the word Tyranny on your show because you didn't want to be labelled a "conspiracy theorist." (r) you're confusing me with someone else - I use the word tyranny on EVERY show (evidenced ^^ in the last paragraph of the description.) And I have actually declared that I am card-carry, tin-foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist on air.
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  • Piano Butch Robinson Post Obama's re-election that is true.
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  • Rex Christi If you heard that on the show between June and November 2012, you didn't hear it from me.
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  • Piano Butch Robinson Not on the show, in conversation with you - but it is a moot point. IF I remember incorrectly so be it. If you want me to apologize for saying something YOU believe to be an untruth, you have my sincere apology. The Bottom line is that you and your show are still hauling water for the Propaganda Political System. Tonight you will discuss the latest outrage of Der Fuhrer, discuss which fake legislation should be supported and which fake legislation should be campaigned against, which Republican candidate is real and which is a NeoCon etc. It is like an endless airing of Ground Hog Day, never coming to the reality of the REAL day in which we live.
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  • Piano Butch Robinson I'm not making it up - you end you piece with, " first you MUST CRUSH the RINOs, for liberty!" In other words people must rally for approved Republican Candidates.
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  • Piano Butch Robinson VOTING inside a Totalitarian Police State EMPOWER that state and gives it color of legitimacy AS they continue their criminal enterprise.
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  • Rex Christi I'm confident that I never said that because I don't believe and it would be out of character - nevertheless, no apology is necessary for a memory lapse. I clarified my position.

    In this broken, corrupt system we have a duopoly - it is a disaster; ne
    vertheless, those in power will be drawn from its wings, one of the wings has some, very few, Constitutionalists in it. While we work on other means, we also need to employ ousting those Republicans who feign Constitutionalism, while advancing tyranny - if for no other reason than to slow down the juggernaut while we advance other means to end the tyranny.
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  • Piano Butch Robinson No we don't have a "duopoly." We had a "duopoly" that took down our Constitutional Republic. Now we have two "show parties" with NO power, plus a Judicial system and Legislative system with NO power that is now merely a Propaganda play for the masses, to give the ILLUSION of some remnant of Constitutional Governance. You could fill the congress with 100% Patriotic Constitutionalists and NOTHING would change, because AUTHORITY in D.C. has been transferred to the international criminal establishment, the New World Order ALL Republican were instrumental in creating. There is NO slowing down WHAT HAS ALREADY HAPPENED.
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  • Rex Christi I don't expect them to 'fix' it and I don't give a crap who has transferred authority. In truth, authority was transferred when we abdicated our responsibility to enforce the law through the Militia of the Several States. Here we sit, almost a century later and the population of this once great Republic is INCAPABLE of doing that. Until we become the enforcers of our won laws, it won't stop - but that doesn't mean we can't slow it down.
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  • Piano Butch Robinson There ARE no laws of the Republic. The Republic has been replaced by a system of "Security Slavery". This is NOT an opinion this is the FACT of History proved empirically by the laws passed by our Congress, Rulings of our Supreme Court and Executive Orders put in place by dictator presidents over the course of the nearly 40 years. Since November 14th 1977 we have been in a perpetual state of "Declaration of National Emergency." Popular UPRISING is the only thing that has any hope of slowing things down and this cannot happen while people are participating in the Propaganda Political System.
  • Piano Butch Robinson Rex you said in our first exchange: 
    "It is always good to tell the truth, but pointing out the truth does not empower anyone to do anything about it." Please tell me in what universe NOT knowing the truth has the power to set you free?
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  • Rex Christi Perhaps truth is not the correct word, maybe facts is a better one. The Truth does set us free, but in the political context (rather than theological) merely knowing the true facts doesn't necessarily affect change, but it sure as heck gets us in touch with our inner Cassandra.

    Currently, the vast majority of Americans are under the spell of soft despotism and are unlikely to engage in a 'popular uprising.' It is also likely the tyrannical state has a police state apparatus like none ever seen and not likely to be overthrown by a domestic force and I am not so sure we want to be 'liberated' by the Chinese and/or the Russians.

    As for the laws of the Republic, those can't be repudiated by Executive order or even treaty or even Congress; however, all laws are essentially meaningless without conventional assent. While I agree that we have a lot of educating to do, that by itself will only yield fruit when currently conditioned generations pass away and are replaced by generations that are truly informed. In the interim, we have to do all we can to restore the Republic. I see it more as a both/and rather than an either/or strategy.
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  • Piano Butch Robinson Rex Christi you speak ignorance on top of ignorance, which is making me wonder if instead of ignorant you are part of the FAKE opposition, merely herding people in the wrong direction. You state a LIE:

    "As for the laws of the Republic, those can't be
     repudiated by Executive order or even treaty or even Congress;" 
    Since the Civil War recognized Legal Precedent has governed the flow of law away from the constitution and NOTHING you state about it is true. In fact what you postulate is a LIE, part of the mythology the Psychological Political Operation wants IGNORANT Americans to believe. Another not lie, but mis-direction when you say, "all laws are essentially meaningless without conventional assent." The Conventional Assent was by means as Chief Justice John Roberts so stated in this ObamaCare descision, "It is not the job of the judiciary to protect the electorate from bad laws passed by people they elected." The Conventional Assent WAS GIVEN by election and the decision of those elected in the passage of the Emergency Power Act of 9/14/1976. Do you have anything truthful to contribute? 

    More mythology: "While I agree that we have a lot of educating to do, that by itself will only yield fruit when currently conditioned generations pass away and are replaced by generations that are truly informed." 
    That is the statement of a pure IDIOT or one who is herding people into the mythology of the Propaganda Republic. You speak as if TRUTH is being taught in our educational system, shown on our T.V. - The Mind War that for a generation has been wedged against the American Population has five pillars:

    (1) Entertainment. 
    (2) Media News.
    (3) Social Justice Christianity.
    (4) Formational Education K-12
    (5) American/European Academia, which includes the goverment/and NWO foundations, think-tank Academic Press, plus the pseudo-sciences/pseudo-studies. (Psychology, Psychiatry, Women's Studies, Cultural Studies etc).

    The Egyptians, the people of Iceland and Now Brazil are showing us how it is done. 
    Come on America!!! There is 9 trillion dollars missing from the Federal Reserve that no one can account for. Two point two TRILLION missing from the Pentagon Budget, and it JUST HAPPENED that the auditors trying to find it and the records were destroyed when the FAKE plane hit the Pentagon on 911. We went from each breathing American holding 30k in debt to each breathing American holding nearly 100k in debt since 911. Wake UP America! When is enough going to be enough!!!

  • letter

    • Rex Christi Wow, way to have a civil discussion. All laws are essentially a series of conventions - the people can comply, change them or revolt - all of those are conventions. The hippie-socialists (fascists) that are in government, media and academe are NOT going to change their minds and they won't easily relinquish the command of the next generations. That doesn't mean we can't teach these generations the truth and undo the tyrannical apparatus currently in place. As for your appeals to emulate the Egyptians, etc - it may get to that point, but right now there aren't enough people who understand the Constitutional Republic, much less desire it to make that happen.

      Clearly you are firm in your position and rather than engage in discussion, you prefer to lob insult after insult. If you don't want me commenting here, all you have to do is ask. But, i am not going to engage in an uncharitable tit for tat. I think this conversation is over.
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    • Piano Butch Robinson Rex your protestations of incivility come to me like a ploy of the left. When you engage in LIES for argumentation, making arbitrary claim from thin air, for which you have not one wit of history or law to confirm, I have to suspect your motivation and speak bluntly. You are right that there are not enough people who understand what we LOST in our FORMER Constitutional Republic. However, what are you doing about it? Nothing. Not only are you not doing anything about it, you are adding to their ignorance by the pretense that the Constitutional Republic still stands. The conversation has been over since my first entry where I stated the truth of the situation and you began your obfuscations. I've merely repeated the same TRUTH by different means and you have obfuscated by various means. Read what this group is for and see if you fit in it. Also Dear Friend, thank you for the conversation because it will make a wonderful permanent teaching tool.

      BTW did you notice in Rex's last entry that he returned to the meme that the problems in our country are due to the "hippie-socialists (fascists)" and he said nothing about the pivotal roll that the New Conservative Movement added to the take down of our Republic. Without the subversion of the NeoCon movement we would be a function Constitutional Republic at this very moment, instead of a Totalitarian Security State. 

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