Monday, May 19, 2014


So many people of all sorts speak about the situation in the U.S. in the wrong tense.They have a theme, about how things are "going" to get bad, are "getting" bad, but never the definitive ARE ALREADY BAD. They believe we are in danger of losing our Republic and Constitutional Rights, while at the same time, for four years at least have witnessed their practical absence. (Actually the period is much longer but let us not strain anyone's brains)

It is called cognitive dissonance, total belief in two truths that cannot both be true. Two truths that the truth of one voids the truth of the other. Thus the anachronistic statements and the inability to admit the obvious. What is the obvious? You cannot be a Republic and ACT like a Totalitarian Police State. This is an empirical truth. 

You cannot in fact BE a Constitutional Three Branch Republic when two branches are bowed to a single branch that governs by executive fiat.

You cannot in fact BE a Constitutional Three Branch Republic when agencies of the Federal Government violate your rights and the Judiciary refuses to enforce the laws of the Republic, but rather bows to "executive wishes."

You cannot in fact BE a Constitutional Three Branch Republic when the Judiciary not only will not prosecute criminally, but will not even INVESTIGATE for POSSIBLE criminal prosecution, when your rights are violated. (IRS persecution of Tea Party Conservatives as just one example.)

You cannot in fact BE a Constitutional Three Branch Republic when the courts throw out the law suits of CITIZEN when their rights are violated, claiming that CITIZENS impacted by the violations, have no LEGAL STANDING. (NSA Omni-Surveillance as an example.)

You cannot in fact BE a Constitutional Three Branch Republic when the Judiciary rules against the principles of the Republic's constitution, at the whim of the wishes of the Executive Branch. (ObamaCare Mandate, which amounts to a Federal breath tax. If you breath, you owe it.)

All these things indicate an overarching truth, that ought to be comprehensible even to those who do not understand how it got to be this way. That overarching truth is: 
ALL power has been legally transferred to the executive branch. This is a self-evident truth. This is why the Congress hasn't written an annual budget for several years, a process that used to take quite a lot of congressional time and attention. It is not done for the simple reason that it is a useless exercise. The Executive Branch and the Federal Agencies spend as they will without congressional constraints or any REAL oversight. Oversight hearings have become laughable comedy shows as Senators and Congressmen speak with indignation and department heads refuse to appear, and/or send underlings in their place to mouth banal, scripted answers.


DENIAL: These things are very simple, obvious, public record and many times repeated in the last several years, yet people cannot comprehend them, or if they comprehend them they are so filled with fear they cannot plainly admit or state them. Yet they look at their country and grieve.

So many who do recognize some of the deep systemic problems, deal with it with passionate anger and irrational conjecture. In other words they are very angry but believe in solutions that are fanciful and irrational. Most are so lazy they cannot engage in resistance, defiance and revolt if they are not assured beforehand of the certain safe path of the resistance and the guaranteed result. In other words, they accept their slavery under the guise that resisting might make it worse. I call this the choice of comfort and convenience over liberty. After all most of the surrender of our liberty came by fear, and accepting the convenient illusion that others were protecting us, keeping us safe, protecting our LIBERTY, all we had to do was surrender our liberty. Folks you bought it, and you are going to have to pay for it one way or another. This forfeit of LIBERTY will not be FREE. The debt collector is on the way.

Public figures and politicians cannot state the absolute truth of the Gulag State, because they have all received National Security Letters, muzzling their speech, forbidding them to talk about the state of national emergency and the dictatorial power that gives the president. They cannot tell you, that the Constitution is VOIDED. But it is.

Until congress is disbanded (and it never will be - just as the FAKE congress of the old Soviet Union remained in place for the entire time of the Soviet era communist slavery - without power - doing the bidding of the communist party) some will faithfully accept the lie and actually believe we live in a constitutional republic. After all China is the People's Republic of China, and Vietnam is the People Republic of Vietnam. And what did those letters stand for, U.S.S.R.? The Union of Soviet Socialist REPUBLICS. The use of the term "Constitutional Republic" for the United Totalitarian Police State of America is just as EMPTY a claim. Yet who really knows it and actually ACTS upon that knowledge? Who really resist it? Who really defies it? Who really revolts against it? Many claim they are awake and see, but they sit on their couches or cringe in fear.

Technology has allowed a completely new kind of totalitarian power. We saw it in operation this weekend and today. The Techno-police state in D.C. this weekend, May 16th 2014, conducted an official technical dismissal via absolute communications oppression, of the Operation American Spring demonstrators. How? By not allowing them the public airways to state their case. You see the power that holds our people hostage is not "the American Totalitarian State." It has become merely an administrative zone, like Greece or France or Spain in the European Union. It is controlled by the "corporate overlords" who own the media, who own the government, who have cobbled together the International Government Structure, having destroyed ALL national sovereignty across Europe and North America. 

You can call it what you will. I call it as the Traitor George H.W. Bush called it, "The New World Order." In The New World Order you see massive riots all over Europe year after year having NO impacts on public policy - the wishes of WE THE PEOPLE totally removed from public policy. Their RIGHT of self-governance has been totally REMOVED. ALL policies come from the Top Down.  (Note* A Study released in the Summer of 2014, by Princeton University, proved by empirical evidence the fact that the will of the American People had been reflected in public policy almost ZERO percent in the last forty years.  The fact is the Overlords of the Corporate Structure are commanding the writing of all the legislation. On the state level this is accomplished by the American Legislative Exchange Council, {ALEC}.  They actually WRITE the legislation the state houses rubber stamp.  That is why bills are not read before they are passed. On the Federal Level this is done through the Globalist Corporate controlled "Think Tanks." )

At a meeting of the European Union Parliament, the British representative made this statement "If the people of Europe could comprehend what you have done to them, how you have robbed them, they would rise up, storm this building, take you and hang you, and they would be right in doing it." 

Frankly I think the likelihood of that happening are far better in Europe than the U.S. (Though now the Trump Counter-Revolution gives me hope. It seem increasingly obvious to me, we will have revolution by the ballot box or by blood running in the streets.  Since I wrote this piece tens of million of Americans have awakened. Business as usual is not an option.)

I would like to think that "If the people of America could comprehend what our national government has done to us, how they have robbed us of wealth and liberty, we would rise up, storm the capital, take them and hang them.” After all we would be morally RIGHT is so doing! 

I would like to think that American apathy is "innocent ignorance" and not total depravity, not total loss of character, making the perception of truth impossible. After all the perception of truth is primarily the product of character.


It is hard at this point not to be convinced that for most Americans, decades into their slavery, they will not believe the demise of Constitutional Governance, until their rights and privacy are TOTALLY VIOLATED. I guess this is reasonable behavior.

BUT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Their rights and privacy HAVE ALREADY been TOTALLY VIOLATED! 
This is public record. 
This is public knowledge, and most people just YAWN. And the vast majority REFUSE TO BELIEVE IT. Some grouse a little but few have the willingness to resist, defy and REVOLT. That is unless they can do so without effort and disturbance to their lives and can know for certain the path of the revolt and have a guaranteed result.  But they plan on voting, just like they did in the Soviet Union for 60 years.


Diana West's book entitled, "American Betrayal - the Secret Assault on America's Character" - when I read that title it didn't make sense to me because the book is about the decades long infiltration of Marxists and Jihadis into the top reaches of American Government. Even after reading the book I could not make sense of the subtitle "the Secret Assault on America's Character." Then this morning, there it was, that special "moment" when I realized that the assault on Character was the psychological operation to cover up the truth, the SEDUCTION of Americans to accept a lie and believe there has been no such infiltration, to believe that infiltration has NOT ALREADY created a coup d'etat, has not already destroyed American Sovereignty. The SEDUCTION to believe that, that infiltration has not created the Marxist/NeoCon/Muslim New World Order that now owns the U.S., has not just like in Europe, REMOVED the power of Governance from the People. Only people willing to be Seduced by the supposed comfort and security and SAFETY of the Police State, that is people of low character can accept as true the fantasy world produced for them. After all, the perception of truth is primarily an aspect of Character.


I'm leaving D.C. Today early afternoon, for the long drive home, leaving the company of some of the few Americans with Character. The composition of those HEROS surprised me. They were Tea Party, Liberals, Conservatives, Christians, Jews, atheists, and members of Anonymous, all with CHARACTER to view the loss of LIBERTY, the loss of American Constitutional Governance and STAND UP. Having been stripped of every ounce of privacy and legal power they know it and have taken to the streets, they are DEFIANT. They are NOT part of the people who having been stripped of every ounce of privacy, and thus human dignity and thus LIBERTY, who merely chew their cud, grouse and hope all efforts fail.

Do You Have A Clue?

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