Monday, May 26, 2014

VeteransToday.Com - Web of Lies - A Psychological Operation

Gordon Duff  Senior Editor of

Der Fuhrer of knows that the disinformation on his site is so glaringly obvious that he admits that Thirty Percent of the articles written by others on VT is "patently untrue" and that FORTY PERCENT of what he personally writes is not true. These are both understatements. But still you will see people on social media and around the net, defend these guys as if is some sort of Truth Depository. Any one willing to accept this as a "reliable source" and trust it doesn't realize the purpose of this site.  Yet that is the purpose of the site, to sometimes say things the are very sensitive and TRUE, right next to things that are ridiculous and LIE, so that you will learn to dismiss BOTH as lie.  Or believe all as truth, share the ridiculous lies with the truth and be as in-credible as the site is. Veteran's is a very sophisticated psychological disinformation operation. They are trying to give cover to the criminal activities of the American Gestapo Intelligence Community, that is so buried in innocent blood they are trying to spin their way out of total exposure and TRIAL. They are part of the effort to confuse patriots, to defuse the revolutionary fervor that is absolutely needed for LIBERTY. 

These guys make the claim of being heroes of sorts, who have mucked about in the underbelly of our Secret Government, who know secrets they cannot share with your, who helped put in place our TOTAL lack of privacy, TOTAL lack of human dignity and TOTAL lack of LIBERTY, and orchestrated the construction of an International Prison System, answerable to NO ONE, except their New World Order Masters.  How could a reasonable person look to them for "information" when DISinformation is their skill set. 

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