Friday, May 30, 2014

Regaining Sanity - Mind War Survivors

You probably think that other "poor mis-fortunate
ones" are the victims of mind control. Sadly, the Mind War is not isolated. We have all been victimized by it, hold scars from its assault and see a world where THEY are beating us.

(The Depth of the Mind War)

Yet, millions of Americans are awaking, stage by stage and discovering that contrary to everything they have been taught to believe by their Mind Control Handlers, they DO NOT Live in a Constitutional Republic, but in an American Totalitarian Police State - in fact in "Security Slavery."

It is my experience that when people realize that they have been the victim of mind control by the media, and that in fact it is a very different world than T.V., News, Newspapers, Movies etc., portray, they go through the stages of grief just as Elisabeth K├╝bler-Ross described so well in her classic text for training care providers, "On Death and Dying." A terminal patient goes through these stages. Grieving the lost of the Republic, most conservatives are stage one, two, and three, a few are stage four, fewer still are at stage five. 


We have LOST our Republic - that is terminal news - who wants to hear it? Nobody!

(HOW our Republic was transformed to an American Totalitarian Police State - in fact into "Security Slavery.")

First Stage is Denial - They know in their hearts that the Republic has fallen, see evidence of it EVERYWHERE, but are in SHOCK and violently deny the fact. They even attack anyone who tells them the truth of the situation. Many go off on tangents spouting scripture and talking about God's faithfulness, or they wax poetic and defiant about the Constitution, or both, not realizing that the Constitution is an artifact of a dead Republic. 

The Second Stage is Anger, how could this be? why me? who is to blame, it is the fault of the liberal! etc (usually one two and three are mixed together.

The Third Stage is depression - deep grief - heaviness hanging on everything, all day every day. This produces mental exhaustion as the mind searches for answers to impossible questions. 

The Forth Stage is Bargaining - This was the diabolical meme used by Glen Beck to confuse and defuse the people who IMMEDIATELY KNEW the Republic had been betrayed and more than a million descended on D.C. and could have taken down the government. But instead, he held a Unitarian Revival Meeting in D.C. and told them to go home, be good, and bargain with God, cause only God was going to solve it.

The Fifth Stage is acceptance where comes the clear eyes to make the practical moves to effect real change. 

Handlers are keeping most conservatives in Denial, Anger and Depression, feeding a host of FAKE stories and FAKE steps being taken in the old paradigm that CANNOT work, but it keeps them from facing the reality of the coup d'etat and for instance how fruitless is their participation in party politics and Voting.

(What Democratic Processes do you think can be real in a Totalitarian Police State? Voting is a process inside a Constitutional Republic - American Cannot be BOTH a Constitutional Republic and a Totalitarian Police State.  They cannot occupy the same space. And there is no Doubt we are a Totalitarian Police State, a Security Slavehold.

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