Friday, May 2, 2014

Not All People Should Have Children

Deadly Sophism: "Not all people should have children." You've all heard it, you all nodded agreement. After all it is a "pragmatic statement." I am guilty, I believed it for twenty-two adult years. Then one day, hot pain like a dagger hitting my heart, I came to my senses.

I've leaned to HATE that trite Sophism for all the wrong things it means and all the excuses for abortion it has created, all the excuses for VOLUNTARY sterilization it has created and all the excuses for INvoluntary sterilization it has caused. It is the primary and pragmatic motive for human GENOCIDE. It is the philosophy upon which the Genocidal Would Bank, International Monetary Fund, and the Malthusian UNESCO function. It has wiped off this planet to date, OVER TWO BILLION HUMAN SOULS WHO SHOULD BE WITH US. 

In our stupidity we live like animals in a feed lot, being cared for by our keepers in the Twilight Zone alternative world this massive Malthusian loss has created. And Stupid unimaginative people clamor for more carnage, saying glibly "Not all people should have children." We cannot even imagine the vibrant creative world that would exist were those two billion souls with us and we all were straining our creativity for the challenges that LIFE would mean. Instead we have chosen something less than the LIFE we were supposed to lead. 

Young people of child bearing years should not be cohabitating and sexually profligate outside of marriage. But ALL people that CAN have children OUGHT to have children. The massive epidemic of Narcissism that grips the dying nations of the West and the horrible genocide placed upon the 3rd world by the Narcissist of the West (the Malthusian Machine) is tied up in that phrase, "not all people should have children."

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