Monday, May 26, 2014

Anatomizing the Boston Bombing 10x10

I have been in deep prayer for years, as I felt the limitations of my health and age, that the Lord would use me to inspire CLEAR EYES and true perceptions in young people.  The honest fact is so many are so damaged by the Mind War, and this includes people of all ages, who live in the fog of the alternative universe created for them by the media, they are unable to comprehend truth. When presented with ALL the facts they are unable to catalog and collate them, and create a cogent story based upon them.  They are so used to the background noise of the television doing their thinking for them, which actually requires LESS conscious effort than SLEEP, that they sleep though everything else, including conversations and even investigations. They exist in somnambulism, a fog of un-comprehension; I rightly call them ZOMBIES.   I'm not making this up - those last two sentences are well understood by the mind science/mind control people.
I watched this evening a PBS "Frontline" presentation about the Boston Bombings "intelligence failure" created by psy-opts with the message that we need to "reorganize" our security state. Of course everything that is failing always needs reform and NEVER abolishing.

A friend sent me this PBS video. I think, thinking it "informative." Suggesting that I watch it. After I watched it, in the course of our conversation about it, I realized that he was partly asleep, and only comprehending part of the information it contained. 

The hour wasted watching something on NPR was redeemed by the conversation and an opportunity to see something deeper. I made him the bet, that this examination of the Boston Bombings by a young man, an independent investigative observer, who has not lost the ability to catalog and collate facts and present them in cogent form - that his presentation would blow the Frontline piece away. I've only watched the first forty minutes at this point, but that tell me everything. 

Young people, IF you can find the time, watch this in the course of a week, one hour a day for seven days.  LEARN to LISTEN, LEARN to HEAR, LEARN to SEE, LEARN to Catalog FACTS, LEARN to COLLATE FACTS, LEARN to lace the FACTS together and tell a cogent fact based narrative.  LEARN the simple lesson of Sherlock Holmes, "When you have eliminated the impossible, what remains is the truth no matter how improbable it may seem."

My faith in the human spirit is renewed by Brendan Hunt's abilities.  This is a beautiful example of critical thinking!  Thank YOU, Brendan!
God Bless your work!
Archpriest Symeon Elias.



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