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Are Your Thoughts Controlled by the New World Order?

The admitted and proud Satanist, Lt Col Michael Aquino

The New World Order's mind control program, first outlined by the Satanist, Lt Col Michael Aquino and of all people (surprise) General Paul Vallely, in a paper entitled "Mind Wars" describes an all inclusive control of the Zeitgeist (the mindset of any time) of people all over the globe, but especially Americans by the creation of a totally artificial "consciousness" that each person would believe was their own understanding, created by their own thought processes.  It is a very sophisticated "mind-control" apparatus that relies on deep hypnosis and deep hypnotic suggestion, fed to the population almost continually while they are unaware.  People reach to "sources" to understand, to know what is really going on and at least ninety five percent of the sources are part of the MindWars apparatus.

The Five Major Tools of this Mind Control (and we are speaking of life long control of the mind of the population) are.

(1) Entertainment. 
(2) Media News.
(3) Social Justice Christianity.
(4) Formational Education K-12
(5) American/European Academia, which includes the goverment/and NWO foundations, think-tank Academic Press, plus the pseudo-sciences/pseudo-studies. (Psychology, Psychiatry, Women's Studies, Cultural Studies etc).

These HAVE ALREADY supplanted the normal mental processes of most people to varying degrees. Even those on the far right, and Libertarians who believe they have the real scoop. Also those on the far left, who also believe they are seeing "through" the system.  And of course the great and feckless middle, believing themselves "reasonable and tolerant."

They all exist in a ZOMBIE like state, believing themselves fully awake and knowledgeable, but having been robbed of independent, rational and critical thinking.  They are reduced to animal like "instinctual understanding" devoid of the true animal instincts given us by God. The God given animal instincts includes of first importance "self preservation" and the health of the species of humans. Those with programmed instincts act, as they are induced to act and think, and cannot perceive what is death engendering and what is life engendering. What they should reject and run from and what they should embrace, protect and fight for.

The new animal instinct is "controlled" by autonomic triggers programmed into people with years of positive and negative reinforcement.  People so programmed, faced with undeniable empirical evidence contrary to their programming, cannot view it, cannot suspend dis-believe long enough to examine an argument contrary to their programming.

This is a massive Luciferian project that has been so "wonderfully" successful, young people, holding no true moral base, no longer holding the natural animal instinct of motherhood and fatherhood, believe a male can be a mother, and a female can be a father, and despite the biological, taxonomic, neuro-biological, and DNA differences in human males and human females believe that as to "parenthood" there is no difference, any ole adult will do as father or mother - after all these are antiquated terms. Even some school districts have removed the categories of Mother and Father from school records, and list only "Parents" "Parent and Spouse" "Legal Guardians" etc.

It is empirically proved that normal un-programmed males and females relate to children differently, and have human instinctual ties to their own biological children that are different to those instinctual ties to other non-biological children.  This Luciferian plot has as one of its goals to remove this primitive and needed instinctual tie, so that it may remove children from the influence of parents, so to start their Luciferian programming even from the crib.

This mind-control has destroyed the American Family, totally altered the dynamic of Married Households, invaded every moment of a child's life through hand held devises and is planing soon to be a constant "prompt" via bionic implant.

If you doubt this claim read the books written by Google's Chief Engineer, Raymond (Ray) Kurzweil.

The Age of Spiritual Machines: When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence

The Singularity Is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology

How to Create a Mind: The Secret of Human Thought Revealed

This is occultism, melted with the most advanced de-humanizing technology. 

Awash in psychotopic drugs, alcohol, profligate sexual obsessions, etc.,  our population is clueless of the "inhumane" control these Luciferians are exerting on them.  They live in the pain of broken families, addictions, sexual obsession, and other human degradation and believe they are making their own choices and exercising their own Freedom. They believe they are are "doing it their way" when in very fact, part of their humanity has been removed from them, and their natural life engendering instincts have been "re-programmed" to be the slaves of others, and/or slaves to death-engendering living. Each one of these people thinking themselves "liberated" exist in total bondage. Some become suicidal, others murderous, and any meaning they find in anything is fleeting. Every pleasure-creating-act or substance is used to its exhaustion.  MEANING is never experienced in any of it. They are programmed literally to the slogan, "I want it more, and I want is now."

One must understand that the MindWars Campaign is all inclusive, and has created a counterfeit to everything:

that is Truth 
that is Goodness 
that is Beautiful 
that is Liberty 
that is Equality 
and that is Justice.  
Like suddenly the world turned upside down, these concepts to at least sixty-percent of our population have counterfeit and antithetical meaning and they are totally unaware of their NON-Comprehension.

All people are programmed by this MindWars Campaign to one degree or another. In this techno-society it is impossible to escape its influence. Stepping out of the "conditioning" refusing to be a herd animal that moves only when directed, is a very painful process. And further makes you a stranger to the herd.
"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I would like to add this warning and then a positive note. Most Christians I know are less programmed than most Pagans I know. And in all honesty I've met quite a few Pagans who were more awake than the average Christian.  Making a claim of Christianity is no defense against this massive mind manipulation that is destroying human beings and our civilization. The warning is Christians you have to wake up, because this article does not even mention the psychotronic methods of mind control against which there are no "natural defenses." Read again "against which there are no "natural defenses."

Psychotronic Mind Control

Here is the hope:
"And his judgement was taken away." Never understood this sentence stated about Jesus Christ's humiliation until I began to study mind control. In anticipation of this hellish technology our Lord faced this, so that he would endure our suffering, so that there could be nothing we face he did not face.

After all isn't mind control that very thing, through psychological, physical and other means, removing from the person their own judgment?
"In his humiliation his judgment was taken away: and who shall declare his generation? for his life is taken from the earth."
Acts 8:33 (King James Version)

He suffered this humiliation so we don't have too. But it is not a religious game, we don't get a pass in ignorance and think that the mere claim of Christianity will make us immune.

We may, we can, if we are disciplined, literally be possessed of His mind, through purification of our thoughts, because mind control only works on human lust, fear, greed, pride etc., etc., It can only effect our "carnal mind" and only Christians holding the mind of Christ, who have established mental processes greater than the capacity of the human brain,  will continue to see through it all. They will watch the games the Luciferian world use on them and in their own beings reside above their reach, still seeing clearly by the mind of the Spirit. No time in all the challenges of Christian history is a constant consciousness of and communion with God more necessary. Without it we have no hope of ever perceiving truth. And again here is the hope, With true Christian discipline we may conquer even this.

From PsyOpts to Mind Wars: The Psychological Victory - by Maj Michael Aquino and Col Paul Vallely

A German Reporter is blowing the lid off the media propaganda conspiracy I've been screaming about for decades. ALL the Press are Intelligence assets, bought and paid for.

America is Under a Psychopolitical Assault



  1. No time in all the challenges of Christian history is a constant consciousness of and communion with God more necessary. Without it we have no hope of ever perceiving truth. And again here is the hope, With true Christian discipline we may conquer even this.


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