Friday, May 26, 2017

Terror in Egypt, who cares?

Children among dozens killed as masked gunmen ambush convoy of Egyptian Coptic Christians

IF this were in America, England or Europe, it is all you would hear about for DAYS. The FAKE STREAM media would make you smell the carnage. Christians in Egypt, not so much; the media shelf-life less than a 24-hour cycle, as short as an equal attack in the Philippines a couple of days ago, which you have already forgotten, that happened AFTER Manchester, but they are still covering Manchester, not the Philippines or Egypt.

WHY? Manchester has the ability to COW you and allows them to trot out their "Islamophobia" psyop, telling you that you are "CRAZY" and/or HATE-FILLED to fear Islam (that is called gaslighting.) All designed to make you doubt your own common sense and natural powers of observation and intelligent "self-preservation."

They don't want you having sympathy or feeling solidarity with CHRISTIANS suffering in Muslim Countries. That would be counter their agenda - which is the destruction of Christianity. They don't want you having sympathy for Christians suffering Islamic attacks in the Philippines, a nation that has rejected the New World Order, and the NWO's drug provider, the CIA.

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