Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Mega Orange Man, Cowing Mecca

"What world leader, other than Trump, could gather the Sunni Islamic World, stand in the heart of Wahabism, only a few miles from Mecca and tell them that they have to drive Islamic Extremism and Islamic Terrorism out of their countries, out of their mosques and off of the face of the earth?

And people are trying to paint this act as some sort of capitulation to Globalism and One World Government and surrender in the fight against Islamic Extremism. Have you gone mad?”

BTW, the Video covers a part of Trump's speech where he "implies" Islamic Extremism and Islamic Terrorism. Later in the same speech, he uses the term "Islamism" "Islamic Extremism" and "Islamic Terrorism."

BTW this trip was not just optics.
Considering the Fake Media's complete non-coverage and lying spin, I'm not surprised you don't know much about the "substance" of the conference. This trip to Saudi was months in preparation. The leaders of more than 50 Muslim-majority countries attended and signed an agreement to financially starve all Islamic Terrorists and Extremists, and this includes the Muslim Brotherhood, listed by Egypt and Saudi Arabia as a terrorist organization. It also means that the Saudi's will have to make massive "reforms" and push back against Wahabism, which King Solomon has pledged, beginning with his recent move to allow women to drive in Saudi Arabia, a huge reform for that medieval society. As for the power of that visit, the optics in the Muslim world, no other world leader could touch it. However, the SUBSTANCE of the meeting was equal to the optics. +++

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