Saturday, May 27, 2017

This happened while you were sleeping.

 Do you DARE ever close your eyes again?

How far we have come in three years!

Three years ago the "Rolling Thunder" Biker's Rally, which included Veterans Groups (not on bikes) and other liberty lovers, like Truckers and some Patriot Militia Groups, converged on Washington, D.C. to protest Barack Obama and his Police State Tactics, the Massive NSA spying on American Citizens, the jailing and assassination of reporters, the persecution of Whistleblowers, the harassment of Tea Party Groups and other Liberty Lovers by the IRS; the parents of some of the Victims of Extortion 17 were there, several Retired Generals and Admirals were there.

By conservative estimates over a million people participated in that rally. It was the biggest rally you never heard of; there was a TOTAL Deep State Media black-out. Even the Media that Idiot Conservatives Idolize, FOX NEWS, would NOT mention it. The so-called Alternative Media tried to kill it before it happened, as they did similar rallies from years before. Alex Jones called it anti-American, dangerous, and fool hearty. He pushed the "triggering Martial Law meme.  Glen Beck psyched people away saying that we were trying to create a blood bath. EVERYONE in the so-called alternative media (you think is real) mocked us, or engaged in fear mongering, talking about how we were going to "trigger martial law." 

Are you awake enough, do you have control of your mental faculties enough to remember all those tens of thousands of internet fear-baiting articles about how "demonstrations against Obama would trigger martial law"? 

The proof that the Globalist Deep State was in total and complete control of the American Media (all of it, including the so-called "alternative media" that you think, is real,) was proved to anyone awake. This was the last of several such rallies in D.C., that occurred during Obama's legal dictatorship, the which you never knew because there was a TOTAL Deep State Media black-out of them as well.

Today, put three faggots with signs, three lesbians with pussies on their heads, a couple of "liberty loving" Sharia Slaves in Hajibs, a few highly paid Black Lives Matter Soros Actors on a street corner in D.C. and it is covered as if it were some massive and important event. Let a million Moms and Dads, Grandfathers and Grandmothers, Bikers, . . . in other words, ordinary American Citizens, of all races and religions, a representative cross-section of the American population as a whole, March on Washington, during the oppressive Obama years, and it was as if it had never happened.

People wonder how Trump managed to pack in tens of thousands of people at any venue big enough to hold them! It was because Donald Trump was returning to us our VOICE that had been most certainly and completely removed. What a difference three years has made! The TOOLS to create our Liberty, IN PART, have been restored to us. However, the Media is just as Deep State, just as Cultural Marxist and just as CONTROLLED. Rather than blacking out historic events, it is INVENTING THEM, i.e., Russian Hacking, Trump/Russian Collusion, hysteria in the White House, Trump mentally ill, Trump leaking secrets to the Russians, etc., etc., etc., A CONSTANT lying disinformation assault of INVENTED Events.

Last year Trump attended and spoke at the Rolling Thunder event and the damn broke the media could not ignore it.  So what did they do, they LIED about it. The said that Trump was there to "mend fences with Veterans."  These people saw with their own eyes what happened.  Trump attended to return their VOICE, to empower THEIR freedom of speech and right to assemble.  Trump was there in open rebellion against the standing Deep State Powers and the, then President of the United State.  We are not idiots, we KNOW what we saw and experienced.

 Thank you, Mr. President for returning our Voice, and for BEING our Voice. It is a year later and we are all behind you.

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