Friday, May 19, 2017

Yeah, but, Who REALLY Gave Us President Donald Trump?

Roger Ailes, The Man Who Gave Us Donald Trump <smile>
Several FAKE NEWS rags carried headlines that mimicked CIANN's headline about Roger Ailes:

"The guy who really gave us Donald Trump."

Hillary said that James Comey gave us Donald Trump, that it was Comey meddling in the 2016 election that destroyed her chances at the last minute.

The CIAmerican Media keeps saying that the Russians gave us Donald Trump, via something they have dubbed Russian Hacking and Russian Collusion. Both PROVED false.

Others have said that Wikileaks gave us Donald Trump.

For fifteen months the same FAKE Media told us that "The Irrational Anger of the American People gave us Donald Trump" even people like Newt Gingrich said this.

La Raza told us that Anglo-Anxiety gave us Donald Trump.
C.A.I.R. and other Muslim Brotherhood front organizations told us that Islamophobia gave us Donald Trump.

The LGBTXYZBS Community told us that Homophobia gave us Donald Trump

Barack and Michael Obama and other race-baiters told us racism gave us Donald Trump.

The Feminist told us that sexism gave us Donald Trump and wore pussies on their heads to prove it.

What is the only conclusion one can draw from this? It is more than a broken analysis, it is a lying smear campaign.
Trump himself wrongly stated many times that "unemployment" was the reason he was packing venue after venue, with tens of thousands of people, often times as many people outside who could not get in.

But as I said, Trump was as wrong as the hateful analysis of the left. What gave us Donald Trump were Americans who LOVE THEIR COUNTRY and were not willing to see it disappear into the dustbin of history as some part of a Globalist Collective.  It is that simple. There were enough people left in America that genuinely loved their country and were determined to see our Nation survive AS A Nation, enough people willing to take on the Globalist Deep State and all their lying, murderous henchmen.

My love of country and resolve NEVER to bow to Globalist Oligarchs has not lessened.  How about you?

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