Friday, May 26, 2017

Why won't people believe the Anti-Trump Polls?

Why won't people believe the Anti-Trump Polls?

More proof the MASSIVE CIA/Deep State, Anti-American, Anti-Trump Psyop Machine is out of oil, smoking and blowing apart.

Yet more proof that the CIA/Deep State Media has lost control of the dialectic. Besides the tens of thousands of lying-fake stories, another part of that control is "focus-groups" (psyops soap-opera) and fake polls, always telling you that you are in the "minority," that your ideas, principles, and wishes are "UN-popular."

I love this headline from FAKE-FOX News. "Big-time backlash: When all polling on Donald Trump is dismissed as fake."

Do you see the spin, the LIE in that headline? The implication is that the polls are REAL, but the American People are too angry and stupid to believe them.


IF the polls were TRUE, IF they reflected reality, there would not and could not BE the massive backlash. The massive backlash is PROOF that the polls are psyops lie.

When the general public rejects EVERYTHING from the Corporatist/Deep State Media, then we will be on our way to restoring our Nation as a Nation.  But Guess WHAT? It is happening, even now. It is a WAR and at this moment, we are gaining the discipline of "psyche" to WIN.  We are rejecting the propaganda.

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