Monday, May 8, 2017

Orthodox Geopolitical Analysis vs the Fake Left/Right Paradigm of the Globalist New World Order.  Since I recently wrote an article on the gross ignorance of most "conservative" and "liberal" analysis, I was challenged to offer something better.  I would say that at least 80 percent of my writing on this blog is "something better" in that it is tied to real documented history and not locked in the common paradigm, i.e., the false consciousness of the common culture, nor does it engage in the lunacy of fake and lunatic conspiracy theories but rather relies on facts that can be objectively known. So far, from Jay Dyer's analysis, (what I have seen of it) it meets that same standard, plus some since the depth of his analysis is very deep. 
I have never posted a lengthy video here, without a caution attached. There is not caution attached to these videos. Frankly, it does my heart good to be able to say that and to know that there is a young man far less than half my age, whose analysis is this "clear." As I say, I have not yet examined all of Jay Dyer's analytical works (it will take some time to do that) but these five hours are closer to accurate history than anything I have previously viewed or read.  Hat tip to Jay. 

The first hour is an analysis of the Illuminati & Satanic Infiltration of the Vatican.  I often end up in conversation with ignorant Biblical anti-catholic fundamentalists when I broach this subject on Facebook and I rudely send them packing, since every word they utter is from a base of abysmal ignorance. Were I to go into the depths that Jay does, examining the work of Malichi Martin, whose work I have always viewed with suspicion, I would get push back from faithful Roman Catholics who frankly do not understand the reality and foundation of Catholicism. All they know is "Thomism," if they are lucky, and they do not understand the central error of Thomas Aquinas.  They actually think "perfection" is registered there, and it gives a false color to their metaphysics, ontology, grasp of the Gospels (The Faith once and for all delivered unto the saints) and perception of the nature of The Church. As a result, I have referenced Malichi Martin only rarely, for the same reason that I have referenced Carroll Quigley only rarely, knowing that even though they both said many things that were true, stating the truth was not their motive or goal. Both were "spin doctors" (apologists) for the power structure they were claiming to expose.  Jay Dyer makes this point, also. 

Please understand that this is not an attack on "Catholicism" which is Apostolic, ancient and thoroughly Christian, but rather an expose' of where the errors of ROMAN Catholicism have led us, over the last 1000 years.  Breaking with the foundational Tradition of Christianity, it has produced something anti-Christian, at that top, at the Vatican, in the office of the majority of Cardinals, and maybe the majority of Bishops and priests, in the office of the Pope and many who have capitulated to their errors of Ecumenism/Globalism/Illuminism/Luciferianism, i.e., the Perennial "Religionism" which is Pagan at its core.

Modern Roman Catholic Ecumenism and this statement by the famous Pagan, Maximus of Tyre, a teacher of Julian the Apostate, hold the exact same knowledge.

"God the father and the fashioner of all that is, older than the sun or sky, greater than time and eternity and all the flow of being, is unnamable by any lawgiver, unutterable by any voice, not to be seen by any eye.  But we, being unable to apprehend His essence, use the help of sounds and names and pictures, of beaten gold and ivory and silver, of plants and rivers, torrents and mountain peaks, yearning for the knowledge of Him, and in our weakness naming after His nature all that is beautiful in this world . . . If a Greek is stirred to the remembrance of God by the art of Pheidias, or an Egyptian by worshiping animals, or another maybe a river or a fire, I have no anger for their divergence; only let them note, let them remember, let them, love."

That is a perfect Ecumenical statement, matched by modern Vatican II Theology and sadly matched by the Faux Orthodox "Great and Holy Council" of October 2015, which is rejected by at least half of the Orthodox Church.  When I use the term "perennial religionism" I am speaking of this primordial paganism.

The next four hours Jay digs deeply into the Psyops reality of Western Entertainment, how it is a product of the Globalist/Cultists/Illuminiti. I have written much about this, from common sense grounds. I spent most of my life avoiding the medium of T.V. and Movies, where Jay immersed himself in it. That familiarity with the subject, the actual product of Hollywood and his grasp of Orthodox Philosophy, makes his analysis very powerful.  I love the way he subtly rebukes the "Libertarians" while speaking to "Libertarians" by removing the foundation of their philosophical argument.  (BTW I just ordered Jay's Book, "Esoteric Hollywood: Sex, Cults, and Symbols in Films".)

There is a several hour series where Jay dissects the book, "Tragedy and Hope." I have seen one hour of that but plan to watch the remaining 7 or 8 hours. 


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