Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Trump's Vatican Optics

President Trump, The First Lady, and the Pope, what the optics tell us. 

Take a good look at this photograph. This is what an America First Nationalist President looks like (non-photoshopped) standing next to a Cultural Marxist Evangelist posing as the Roman Bishop and Pope of the Latin Rite and Western Christendom.
This is what The President of the United States and the First Lady look like, using the "Pope" as a prop,  sticking their thumbs in the eye of the Muslim World, and honoring all of Christendom.  You may not understand it, but Melania's refusal to wear a head scarf before the Saudi King, and willingness to do so at the center of Western Christendom, is a HUGE signal to the Islamic World. It says, this president is Christian and he will HURT YOU if you do not give up your war against the Christian West.

And yeah, the Pope looks like a piker in Trump's presence.  Personally, I believe he is an anti-pope and Ecumenist Heretic, but the Office of the Pope and the Vatican just got played by Trump.

Remember all the bowing to "Islamic Tradition?"

Those days of bowing to Islam are OVER.

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