Saturday, May 27, 2017

Victim or Warrior? CHOOSE or Shut up.

Few of you have understood when I have chided you for the use of the language of a victim.

Do you yet know the difference between a Victim and a Warrior?

I had the discussion with Chris Shipler of Liberty's Thunder Radio fame, two plus years ago about his incessant victimhood language, which is self-defeating. He still engages in it on his radio show, "people are too stupid to learn" etc.,

An exchange this morning reminded me of the need to remind people of this lesson. YOU have to choose whether you are going to be a Victim or a Warrior. It is YOUR choice. YOU control your situation in this regard.

Victimhood is surrender, and if you are too stupid to understand that, you keep whining about circumstances against which you are POWERLESS.

IF you have the heart/mind of a warrior, no matter the weakness of your strategic or tactical position you do the work to identify your enemy and assess his weaknesses. You NAME him, KNOW him, come to understand what his means and methods are, and what his ultimate goal is.

MORE: You honestly also examine your own position, the armor you wear, the weapons you possess, the knowledge you own, the rightness or wrongness of your own motives.

Here is a statement from an ordinary and good hearted American Christian man reacting to the attack on the Christians in Egypt two days ago:

"Eric McGrane:
But yet people will tell you it's not about religion, it's just extremists. Whatever that means. Of course, it's about religion, they were specifically targeting Christians.

Butch Robinson:
I understand your sentiments but what you state is factually incorrect. AMERICANS (as a group or people in general) tell you no such thing. Trump certainly does not, since he stood in Saudi Arabia before more than 50 Muslim heads of state and called them out for Islamism, Islamic Terrorism, and Islamic Extremism. Yes, he used the words speaking mere miles from Mecca. What you are describing as "people will tell you" are people who are either Cultural Marxists or their dupes brainwashed by Political Correctness. Of course, that includes all of the FAKE STREAM Media. So that psychological operation to which you object is not a "random" "accidentally acquired" character trait of the American People, it is a Globalist/Cultural Marxist/Muslim disinformation campaign. 

If one can't identify the enemy, one is merely left with enduring the result of his attack without understanding when and how to battle back. (i.e. a victim)

Now, understanding that "man is a strutting proud peacock, in his opinions even when they are wrong" as a friend recently said, here was Eric's response:

Eric McGrane:
Yes of course. That is my point. Nothing factually incorrect about agreed with me.

Of course, I always agree with people who speak in the language of victimhood. Sure, Buddy. <smile> Eric can hate me for my blunt honesty, as long as he gives up the language of victimhood since his capitulation to victimhood makes him my enemy. Yes, enemy, a useful idiot weaponized by my true enemies, the Cultural Marxists. After all, Chris Shipler hasn't completely abandoned his victimhood language and hasn't spoken to me for two years. Yet, he is ten times the warrior he was two years ago and learned by our confrontation whether he can admit it or not. None of the doom and gloom he predicted as inevitable has transpired, and oddly enough the impossible, I stated was possible, has happened. Oh, what proud peacocks we are when we deign to opine! Yours truly included.

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