Friday, May 19, 2017

The Anti-Trump Kool-Aid Drinkers, in the words of Bob Woodward.

The Anti-Trump Kool-Aid Drinkers, in the words of Bob Woodward.

This CIA wonk would not be saying this if the psyop campaign against Trump and the Americans who elected him were working. All he is suggesting is to back off the hyperbolic continual Anti-Trump Train, long enough to sucker people in and make them think the Fake News is legitimate again.

THINK! Wouldn't that have been the smartest move they could have made once they realized they could not derail Trump's inauguration? The smartest move would have been to, for a period, engage in serious journalism, and once some semblance of credibility was re-established (lulling the masses back to sleep) then start hacking away at Trump's foundations.

Why didn't they do this?
Answer: Because Trump was too smart for them and would not let them. You see, he started moving at lightening speed and kept the Deep State in a total and OBVIOUS panic. This was a brilliant move. Now, NO ONE, except the brain-dead give them any credibility. Even Woodward is admitting they have no credibility. In his own words, instead of being the fair and objective press (an idea that was the CIA's very best and longest lasting psyop) they have become "Anti-Trump Kool-aid Drinkers." In other words, a "get Trump lynch mob." He is deadly accurate in that assessment.

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  1. Let this post soothe you a bit. This insanity in the Media IS Trump caused. He set them on fire and has been stoking the flames, letting everyone see them burn. They have cremated their credibility, and every day more dullards wake up and realize it.


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