Friday, May 12, 2017


Even if Russia did or did not try to influence our election, we know DAMNED WELL that the CIA tried to influence this election and the FBI tried to influence this election (against Trump).

The CIA exerted their influence through their controlled Media, foolishly called "The Main Stream Media," which was a propaganda onslaught of sustained volume, unlike anything I have witnessed in my lifetime. 

The FBI tried to influence the election with their FAKE Russian Dossier and refusal to Charge Hillary Clinton with the crimes that any elementary school child can see were multiple felonies.

Remember that 40 years ago the CIA was this powerful and is MORE powerful today.

Pike Committee report on CIA activity:

"We find, for example, that interference in the revered “free electoral processes” of other countries was the largest covert action category, thirty-two percent of the Forty Committee's ** approvals (**end note on the Forty Committee) comprising twenty-nine percent of approvals were for media and propaganda operations in which American government sponsorship was to be hidden. Twenty-three percent of approvals were for paramilitary operations involving secret support to foreign armies and irregular military groups in the form of finance, training and weapons supplies. Still, other CTA covert action operations involved CIA funding of a “plethora” of CIVIC, RELIGIOUS, PROFESSIONAL and TRADE UNION ORGANIZATIONS." (Caps mine)

*NOTE: The CIA has been financing the Judaized Christian Right Movement from it beginning, in fact they created the "political" Christian Right beginning in the 1970s. And the CIA has been supporting the Leftist and Muslim Astro Turf Groups as well. This is how they operate the Hegelian Dialectic herding game. Do you really think that BLM and ANTIFA are not CIA front groups? The CIA/NSA/FBI is the Gestapo part of the Deep State, BLM, ANTIFA and a host of other provocateur groups are the BROWN SHIRTS.

NOTE* Forty Committee

composed of the Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, the Deputy Secretary of Defense, the Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of
Staff, and the Director of Central Intelligence. - this committee was required only for certain larger actions in certain specified countries. The CIA had and has FREE REIGN otherwise.

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