Friday, May 19, 2017

Russia Hacking vs Seth Rich Downloading

The Real Russia HACK: I hope you are all awake and aware enough to understand at this point (you should have understood 9 months ago) that Seth Rich, the DNC operative was the real "Russian Hacker." What we KNEW by using logic to decipher Julian Assange's words on the subject, and Assange offering a reward for information leading to Seth Rich's killer, we now know by documented/forensic evidence.

I don't know Jimmy Dore (who bills himself as a comedian) but this short video about the Seth Rich murder, investigation, and cover-up, is the most complete analysis I have seen presented in one place. All these facts have been gathered and stated on multiple sites, but to my knowledge even with Alex Jones' raving, not one segment of his show has been so complete. The only fact that Mr. Dore leaves out, and I'm sure not intentionally since it came to light after this video was made, is that there is a second witness to Rich's contact with Wikileaks, a second go-between, between Seth Rich and Wikileaks, who has come forward. He is from New Zealand (a New Zealand hacker) and has offered to come to the U.S. to testify.

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