Friday, May 5, 2017

Open Letter to President Trump concerning the Paris Climate Change Agreement.

Dear Mr. President, as you are contemplating like Jimmy Durante, "Should I go, or should I stay" concerning the Paris Climate Change Agreement, please understand that it is not this particular agreement, but the Globalist Mechanism in which the agreement rests that is the danger. Again, it is the Globalist Mechanism, capable of writing sovereignty destroying "international law" that is the danger, not the agreement itself, which merely states goals.  

Are you aware of the Climate Change Mechanism's power and goals?  Had you lost the election you would have become totally aware and quickly, as a new slate of International Laws would have been codified in Marrakesh Morocco, at the Marrakesh Climate Conference, the next stage in the construction of this Globalist Power Structure. It would have happened the day after the election.  Because you were elected that "conference collapsed" which was the most under-reported story of 2016.  Why would you breathe life back into this Globalist Monster?

You may say, "But I will make a good deal and control it."  So what happens the next time a Puppet of the Globalist is elected President? The powerful mechanism would destroy ALL American Sovereignty. That was the plan, it came within ONE DAY of happening.  Please think better of this and withdraw the U.S. from this Globalist Monster Mechanism.

You were correct the smash the TPP Globalist Mechanism. I HOPE you manage to smash the North American Union mechanism, known as NAFTA.  Surely you understand that the Marxist unelected E.U. Commissioners that control the E.U. are actually the Commissioners from the old European Common Market Mechanism?  I do not exaggerate the danger in the existence of these Globalist Mechanisms.

The Most Under-reported Story of 2016, the Marrakesh Morocco Climate Change Politburo.

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