Saturday, May 27, 2017

Solon Waves Leftist White Flag!

BTW, the Cultural Marxist (Leftist) Rag "Solon" published a heart-wrenching op-ed today, explaining why a 2018 Democratic resurgence was PURE FANTASY. Its headline: "Wake up, liberals: There will be no 2018 'blue wave,' no Democratic majority and no impeachment.

The gist of the article was what the Ginagorte victory in Montana meant. The author suggested that Democrat wins were nearly impossible because the Nation has been "Trumpified." He states that it will require "a complete rebuilding of American politics and all of public discourse" and that this cannot happen in less than three election cycles.

This article is one of about Twenty I've chronicled here and on my blog admitting that the Cultural Marxists, despite their MASSIVE, unmatched psyop Apparatus called the "Main Stream Media" now better known as FAKE NEWS, have completely lost control of the public discourse (the dialectic). They have totally FAILED at shaping the understanding and conversation of ordinary Americans since 90% of the population sees them for what they are.

I hate to pour salt on his wounds, but what he is describing as "rebuilding" is the Globalist/Cultural Marxists regaining control of the dialectic and the American People accepting that. IF that is possible, it won't happen in a generation. I pray to God it is not possible.

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