Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Donald Trump is a freak'n genius.  I wondered why he did not immediately ask for FBI Director Comey's resignation when he was sworn in, on the first day; there was plenty of reason to fire Comey, in fact, Democrats and Republicans alternately have been calling for his resignation for eight months, but now it all makes sense.  Trump knows how to keep his powder dry and fire at the Deep State with he sees veins in the whites of their bloodshot eyes.

It is more than hilarious watching the CIAMerican Media try to hang Comey's firing on Trump's guilt. This is the best article I have seen about it, from any source, even so-called "friends of Trump." This author "gets it" but does not want to admit it. 

Trump's firing of Comey was timed poetically, and he (Trump) is trolling the media, embarrassing the Congress, and ridding the Deep State of two key players, the FBI Director and the now FBI Acting Director. He may last three days, but he is toast. Take the time to read this article and view the links, remembering that this author is a Trump hater, yet his analysis of Trump's "Trolling" the media, Putin's "Trolling" the media, and Lavrov's "Trolling" the media is spot on.  Why do you Troll the Media, you may ask?  ANSWER: Because they are a tool of the Luciferian Deep State.

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