Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Why is Donald Trump so DAMNED HAPPY?

Why is Donald Trump so DAMNED HAPPY? Face it, he is a Septuagenarian who is still "playful" as this photograph demonstrates.

Insight into the psyche of Donald Trump. We are all familiar with the brain-dead hit pieces by semi-professional and even professional Cultural Marxist, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Priests, Rabbis, even Social Workers, claiming that Donald Trump is mentally ill. The parade of people proving they are really NOT professionals, claiming magic powers of "diagnosis without examination" would be laughable if it were not so evil. It IS a blessing in that it has exposed the Cultural Marxist foundations of the American Mental Health Profession, and their place as "psycho-political-psycho-cultural Marxist manipulators" just as the Marxists designed their profession to be.

Here is a genuine insight into his psyche. He is happy. You see to be happy, you have to take life very seriously, be responsible, do the things that are necessary today, to create good tomorrows, and hold on to the childlike ability to have fun and enjoy it.

To help you understand, let me share the wisdom of my dear aunt Marie. At a time when I was suffering the loss of my father, was an awkward teen and grandly unhappy, she said, "Butch, I know you are smart, but you are book smart, and not practically smart. But you can prove me wrong if you can answer a simple question." I nodded and she asked, "Do you know the difference between smart people and stupid people." 

I said, "I could give you a thousand anecdotal examples." 
She asked, "But can you name the only one that matters?" I shrugged and she slew me with truth, laid my stupidity out naked for me to see. She answered, "Smart people learn how to be happy."

All those sad bitter psychological wonks seeing their petty lives come to no meaning, as the Cultural Marxism and Globalism (Luciferianism) to which they have given their souls begins to crumble in the light of Truth, the Truth that is exposing their Luciferian Core, are collectively and individually, a pitiful lot to behold. Their lying bitterness permeates the daily psyops news cycle, it permeates their lying screeching demonstrations and the violence that gives vent to their hatred of all things good, natural, and real.

Trump, on the other hand, is a "joyful warrior," something I have written about and encouraged all of us to become. He has never let go of the impish little boy, that enjoys those around him, who has humor about himself and others, and who thrives on the actions of LIVING. Those who have given their souls to the death-science of radical materialism, its partner inhuman pragmatism, (humanism) and on a personal level to the empty Luciferian maxim, "Do what thou wilt" are incapable of understanding a person like Donald Trump, who is alive with hope, and thrives in playing the game.

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